Is PFS1E PbP dead (or dying)?

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Hello everyone.

Roughly once a year I come back to this wonderful place to get my TTRPG fix with some PbP. Since finding someone running an entire AP is pretty hard I settle for some PFS1E scenarios. I've been said that there's an event ongoing right now (Outpost V), and I saw the announcement for PaizoCon Online 2022. I was a bit saddened by the fact that there are very few 1E tables in these events now. I understand that now Paizo wants to push its main product as much as possible, I don't blame them for this, but will this mean that organized online play for the First Edition is dying, or even already dead? I really like PFS1E, mostly because it lets me take advantage of my Hero Lab Classic with all the Paizo books I've paid for it (that's hundreds of gold pieces), while for PFS2E I'll need to pay a subscription for Hero Lab Online, something I can't do anymore.

Should I give up with 1E and completely switch to 2E?

Thank you in advance for your answers and time.

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I found a PF1E game in the recruit threads, so it'll be rarer now.

Though I do expect PF2E to be the hot thing, PF1E APs will likely be rare on the boards going forward with PF1E modules being more common now.

If you want PF1E to be good, Offer to GM a game, but one of those players has to RUN a game for you in turn, thus keeping PF1E alive on the boards even though openings will be rare.

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I just started running a PF1 module (Masks of the Living God) a couple of weeks ago, and had no trouble finding players. Nor, at least with the online PBP conventions, have I had trouble finding games for my PCs.

In other words, it doesn't really matter if a 1,000,000 people or 1000 or 10 people around the world are playing PFS1 as long as you're able to run or play in a game when you want to.

But yeah, if everyone who played in a game gave back to the community by occasionally running a game, we'd see a lot more out there.

Arguably there are less open recruitments for APs and shorter adventures. But I would not say it is dying, at least I can play as much PF1 as I want to. I finished four APs just in the few last months (2 as a GM and 2 as a player) and I have had opportunities finding new adventures for replacement.

With the community being more stable, less people arriving and leaving, the sits tend to fill now before they get announced to the public, I guess. At least this happened with the Iron Gods that I started GMing, I had more people to offer the game to than sits I could provide, and the slots filled quickly. My guess is this happens also to other groups.

It would be interesting to see historical data of games started on Gameplay.

But as others suggested, if after playing a few short adventures and finding you can keep up with the PbP hobby, it is a good approach to GM your own AP. GMing can be very fulfilling and entertaining and open you new opportunities to play on other people's adventures.

Theoretically, you should only need to GM 1 adventure for each 4 you are playing.

For PFS specifically? Yeah I imagine that's dead or dying.

For PF in general? No, not at all. I see relatively few recruitments for PF2 games.

Hell, of the 10 games at the top of the Recruitment forum right now, only one is 2E. A grand total of 2 exist for 1E PFS.

A quick glance at the rest of the first page shows this trend continues. PF 2e is relatively unpopular, at least for PBP here on the boards. There are more 5e Recruitments on page one than PF2E games.

This site is also more kind to PF2E than others I've looked at for PbP stuff, most of which have a grand total of ZERO recent recruitments for PF2E games, but plenty of PF and 5e.

I have not gotten the impression that PF2E is catching on very much.

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