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88. The PC's are traveling through a forest on a trail that is not known/used by many, and they come across an old, abandoned library just as nightfall is approaching, and this is probably the easiest place to find shelter for the night-- despite being abandoned and in disrepair, the library's doors, windows, and roof don't leak. The mystery here is that the first 144 pages of every single book in this library have become blank, and seemingly no spell can restore the information or pictures these pages once had. The number twelve (12) seems to be a common "theme" throughout the library, such as 12 bookshelves per section, 12 tables per row, every clock shows 12pm and chimes 12 times at the top of every hour (regardless of the actual time), etc. The answer to whatever riddle at the end of this could be "L" for being the 12th letter of the alphabet, or the answer could be "Greataxe" for being a d12 weapon, etc.

Each time the party guesses the answer to the riddle wrong, you hear the echo of a witch's sinister cackle gracefully fleeting and dancing its way across the ceilings and walls into your ears.

Midnight is the witching hour. I just got it.

89. The clatter of a mop falling and a water bucket spilling in another room alerts one or more of the PCs. After finding the puddle of spilled water, they notice nothing else out of the ordinary until they leave the room and see a set of wet footprints that start at the exit of the room, nowhere near the puddle and lead away to another room, possibly the foot of a bed or to what seems to be an ordinary wall.

90. A chill drop of water strikes the PC directly on the nape of their neck and rolls down their spine. If outside, it could just be a drop of rain. If inside, maybe it was a leaky pipe or a spill on the floor above them leaking between the floorboards (possibly from a wet footprint on the ceiling). It happens again some time later, and again a slightly shorter time later. Then with increasing frequency without them being able to find or see the actual drip, until finally they feel a rivulet of water running up the back of their spine, and curling around the back of their neck and into their hair like a fist before leaving them in a cold sweat.

91. One of the PCs hears a faint scrabbling, possibly on a porch outside or on the floor of a room nearby. They see a small turtle on its back kicking its legs and either rocking or spinning slowly and scraping on the floor or its legs are bumping a wall or chair leg. It pulls its head and legs in as the PC takes notice, just resting still. If disturbed, the PC finds that it's a dead, empty shell.

92. During the night, a spider seems to have spun an ordinary web across the doorway to their room. If walked through, it will cling to their face, hair, mouth, and limbs. The spider is nowhere around and the web is otherwise normal, but the PCs need not know that.

93. All the people in town have a nosebleed at the same time. They don't seem aware or concerned about it for several minutes.

94. The obviously old painting smears at their touch, like the paint was fresh. It isn't. The smear can't be wiped off their hand and for the next hour, unless wrapped or placed into a glove (unless it's on the glove), at will occasionally drip and sharp-eyed PCs might note that the tiny drop forms a distorted, screaming face resembling the PC. The drips can be wiped away before they dry.

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