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Against the Aeon Throne

Hi i am running a 5 person party through the campaign and am trying to figure out where my players should be XP wise at the end of each book?

Normally, you should be 3rd level after first module, 5th after the second, 7th after the third, as indicated in the beginning of each module.

I've run this with 6 player party. First module runs adequately without too much modifications, I may have added a guard in one or two encounter but that's it. At low levels the firsts boss are hard enough.

I made a one-shot in Dalesko at the end of first module. Which gave my player a head start for the second module, which i ran as is.

I had to add some people in the third module with 6 players. There are some possible solo boss fight that can be too easy with more than four player, so you have to adjust the number of goons accompanying them.

I modified the ending with contents from the Starship operation manual, For instance, I could not resist adding an automated party in the last starship battle.

Have a nice campaign!

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