Unable to log in using Firefox, but works in Chrome and Safari (and new posts sometimes hidden)

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Has anybody else had this weird experience? If I try to log into Paizo's site using Chrome or Safari, it works, but if I use Firefox, attempting to log in puts me back to the home page without logging me in. I do not get any error message, and it happens even after I made sure all Javascript was unblocked. This used to work on Firefox just 2 days ago. (Edit: Operating system = MacOS High Sierra, if it makes a difference.)

Edit: Another weird bug: For 15 seconds after posting this, the thread appeared empty (like somehow the thread had been created but this post didn't exist). I have also noticed the same thing when posting to existing threads -- it comes and goes, sometimes with posting working normally, and sometimes with new (or occasionally even edited) posts not appearing for up to a minute. This problem seems to occur regardless of web browser.

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Paizo did something in the last day or two. It requires you to clear your cache and cookies, sometimes three to five times (though I still can't get my phone to work) before you get a successful login.

You're on your own for your second complaint. That's been f#$#ed up for a long time now.

Paizo is crashing and burning as far as I can tell...

There was a short outage yesterday and I was unable to log in for a couple hours using *any* browser.

When the site came back up, I had to clear all my Paizo cookies from Firefox before I could log in again. Edge worked just fine automatically.

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Thanks for the answers, I was just going to report that.

Thanks for the tips -- clearing cookies worked (posting this from Firefox).

I wish they would have announced that we need to clear cookies -- I could have sworn they did for something else they did a few months ago . . . (of course, why not just have the site eat obsolete cookies in the first place?).

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