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What are the sources in which we have info on Galduria? I can only find the paragraphs in the original campaign setting books -- the blurb in RotRL, the blurb in the Inner Sea Guide.

Are there any PFS Scenarios in or around Galduria? Any fiction? Anything else I may be missing? (Or has anyone done a ton in homebrew around Galduria they'd like to share?)


It seems Occult Adventures and possibly Inner Sea Magic go in to more detail on the academy there. Check the "Harrowed Society".

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I don't have Occult Origins but I will grab my Occult Adventures and Inner Sea Magic.

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Varisia, Birthplace of Legend has a paragraph about the Twilight Academy in Galduria.
Feasts of Ravenmoor refers to Galdurian wine, indicating grapes are grown there.
Magnimar, City of Monuments timeline states "4629 Galdurin Barmier founds the Twilight Academy, giving rise to the town of Galduria."
Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition Player's Guide indicates "Galduria survives primarily by ferrying grain and lumber along the Lampblack River and Ember Lake"
In The Edge of Anarchy, we see most people remember Galduria for the rash of carrion golems attacks 20 years ago.

The Pathfinder Wiki page, although brief, is comprehensive with established canon.

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