How to contact an entity on the moon (or travel there) at early levels


Ok so here's the deal. We're playing a homebrew campaign setting where we found out that one of the best allies who could help us with a current problem is a high-level devil who lives on the moon. We've got about 2 months of in-game time to figure out how to reach her, or solve the problem ourselves with significantly worse odds.

The DM obviously put her there because he assumed it would be very difficult to reach her on a planetary satellite which is hundreds of thousands of miles away from us. However, our DM is the type of person who really likes it if we can find clever interactions between abilities to cheese the rules (RAW over RAI type of stuff.) He has even stated to us that if he was a player, he already has a solution to our problem through some strange/ silly rule interactions -- but he's not sharing it with us.

We're 5th level. Through some massive power buffs, we've gained access to every sorcerer/wizard spell and witch spell of a 3rd-leveled slot or lower.

We've also made friends with an assortment of powerful NPCs who have higher level spells, but to our knowledge none of them have spells like Interplanetary Teleport (or any 9th level spells, as far as we know.) We do have an NPC sorcerer friend who can plane shift, but he's expressed hesitancy to plane shift us to another realm and then to the moon because of potential mishaps. We're really unclear on how much of the moon is habitable, so plane shifting there might just send us to a part with no atmosphere.

Besides our archmage friend, there are a fair number of clerics and witches we could probably berate into casting spells for us, but probably nobody strong enough to cast a spell higher than a 4th or 5th level slot. Clerics specifically might not be thrilled about talking to a devil on our behalf, so Sending is probably off the table.

We're pretty consistently kept poor, so magic items are probably not the solution unless they're under 10k gold. And even if we could afford magic items, a shopkeeper in this world isn't likely to just have some Starfaring Robes lying around.

Additionally, as this game is kind of nonsense, 3rd party content posted on the SRD website is mostly allowed, but I hesitate to use it except as a last resort.

So I come to you, Paizo forumites, to ask for out-of-the-box solutions to this issue. And no, the peasant railgun will not work.

One possibility is to use Minor Dream to send him a message. Outsiders don’t have to sleep but can if they choose. This one is kind of a hail marry pass.

Sending is also on the sorcerer/wizard spell list at 5th level. Maybe you can find an arcane caster who is more willing to talk to a devil.

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well, 2 easy ways;
sleep and go to the Dreamlands. Mythos Ghouls will prove helpful or esoteric paintings.
Once on the dreamlands see if you can get a ride there via cats, moon-beasts, Leng blackships, perhaps a certain special pirate vessel.

From the material plane you have similar options. Moon-beasts & Denizens of Leng and their black ships, cats(but they'd have to owe you a favor), try finding Randolph Carter.

High level devil on the moon... hmmm... sounds like you might want to consult an astronomer or someone with an orrey. If you have a name or token you can probably get a message sent {NPC Spellcasting is 10*SplLvl*CstrLvl}. Perhaps a local noble is an aficionado of green cheese or perhaps druids grappling with shapely demonic outsiders in a large vat filled with a wet clay slurry...

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Fun fact interplanetary teleport is 9th level but planetary adaption is 4th and life bubble is 5th.

That said most of what I can think of is expensive or higher level than you have access too.

"Through some massive power buffs, we've gained access to every sorcerer/wizard spell and witch spell of a 3rd-leveled slot or lower."

but how many times a day can you cast them?

cause if it's unlimited. then rope trick after rope trick repeatedly (along with air bubble, endure elements etc) should get you there in time...

(well probably fly too, and faster, but the Baron left the moon by climbing down the rope he kept cutting from the other side, so i thought it was a fitting tried and tested method)

Research the true name and send her a message? Contact sounds easier then getting there. Do you know exactly where on the moon? Try a crop circle with her sigill.

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A Scroll of Sending would cost you 700 to 1125 gp. That should do the trick, but it's not that much fun. Also, you only get 1 chance to convince the devil to help you.

Alternatively, you can try to find one of its minions and see if they want to help you. An imp should be able to use Commune with their master. An Accuser Devil could be summoned with (a scroll of) Summon Accuser to record a message, but I'm not sure if they could reach the devil on the moon so easily.

if you're in Absalom there is the Blakros Museum.... lots of weird stuff and likely an artifact or two. Trust me, nobody will notice another minor kerfuffle.

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