Any Starfinder Group looking for player?


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I am really in need to actually play some starfinder. I have been running a weekly game for a few years now but never get to play. I've had a character since starfinder came out and only played him in less than handful sessions from when it first released. I would want to play Sparky, a ysoki exocortex mechanic that is more about using skills than combat abilities. I prefer the roleplay parts more than combat personally. And my build reflects that with focus on that and flavor things over actual combat prowess. Now doesn't mean Sparky is incapable of combat but more of support role than being the damage dealer. Also is about stealth and setting explosives and blowing stuff up when need to.

I would prefer playing in fantasy grounds since have unity. I did find a pbp I got in but feel I need itch satisfied for something more if possible.

I run my game on Wednesday so that is my only off limit day. Rest of the weekdays I get home by 1630 (430pm EST). I'm home with kids all of the weekend.

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I'd also be down for Pathfinder 1 or 2e. I have no preference of what to play in that case. Willing to fill any hole in the party as required. I've played casters mainly but able to roleplay a tank no problem if needed.

Never played 5e so would be first time there but willing to learn.

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Bump for a starfinder group looking for engineer.

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