Ezakien Tobyn - wrong faith?

Rise of the Runelords

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A lot of people (including the original writer, IIRC) have said that Ezakien Tobyn was really, really bad at being a cleric of Desna, especially when it came to Nualia.
What if you flipped that a bit and said that his crap parenting was because he was actually really, really good at being a cleric... of Asmodeus? Maybe a missionary sent out from Korvosa/Cheliax to the Blighted Barbarian Wastelands of Varisia in the hopes of Converting the Benighted ’Eathens to the light of ‘Civilised Ways’, and this aasimar foundling was his Perfect Opportunity?

(In the almost fifteen years(!) since this AP was printed, I’m virtually certain that this idea has been raised before. Unfortunately, my (too?-)hasty search hasn’t turned up any previous threads about it, and despite possibly being redundant, I wanted to make sure the thought got out there before I lost it somewhere in the Warehouse 13 that is my head....)

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I am running this right now. Can you give us some details? I know nothing of the issue...

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Tobyn is supposed to be a deeply failed priest of Desna.

Now, you can make him a priest of Asmodeus if it helps your story.

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I agree with The Raven Black that Tobyn being a failed priest of Desna is an important aspect of the character, it emphasizes how even the servants of the good deities can commit heinous acts in private. However, if you feel the need to change it such a radical change seems unnecessary. Tobyn is supposed to be something of a local legend, a wise old priest respected by a townspeople who largely worship good and neutral deities, making him (and thus much the town) devil-worshippers changes too much about the base setting and might turn the players off from wanting to protect them. Perhaps he could be a priest of Erastil or Abadar instead? Both are worshipped in town and have shrines in the temple, and being lawful deities they lend themselves better to Tobyn's let's say... stricter style of parenting.

But it's your game so if you think he would fit better as an Asmodean then more power to you

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