Can you put a magic lantern on a lantern staff?

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This long metal staff has reservoirs for lamp oil, and a lantern-like structure at its head. The lantern staff is fueled as and provides light as a hooded lantern. While lit, attacks with the lantern staff deal 1 point of fire damage in addition to the normal damage. Any effects that apply to a quarterstaff, except those that require it be used as a double weapon, also apply to a lantern staff.
A lantern of hidden light can be an invaluable tool for one who wishes to see in darkened areas without being revealed to those accustomed to the darkness. This magical lantern can be activated with a touch to one of its crystal panes, and functions as a hooded lantern, save that this light (and what it illuminates) is visible only to the character who holds the lantern in one hand. To other observers, the lantern always appears unlit, and does not appear to be shedding any light at all.

I was originally going to just cast dancing lantern on it, but that doesn't count as held, unfortunately.

You can animate a lantern and order it to follow you. The lantern floats at shoulder height and remains within 5 feet of you, no matter how fast you move. The lantern cannot support any additional weight. The lantern illuminates its normal area, even if it does not have any oil in it. For the purposes of spells or effects targeting it the lantern always acts as if in your possession even when not directly on your person.

It's really good for other magic lanterns though, especially the Ghostlight Lantern (no-save faerie fire).

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The problem I see with this is that one is an ordinary lamp in an odd shape that can be used to deal fire damage when lit, and the other is a magical lightsource. One provides light and does extra fire damage, the other provides invisible light. I don't see how you could get extra fire damage and invisible light at the same time, so this is kinda... pointless.

Are you wondering if you can put the Lantern of Hidden Light on the end of a Lantern Staff and have it provide light only visible to the person carrying the Lantern Staff? If so, per RAW, no, because the Lantern of Hidden Light's magic only works while held in one hand. I'm going to assume the same question, but with the Dancing Lantern spell cast upon the Lantern of Hidden Light: also no, for the same reason. When they say "For the purposes of spells or effects targeting it the lantern always acts as if in your possession even when not directly on your person", they're talking about the Attended Object rules regarding how the Dancing Lantern can be targeted with sunder/spells and how that lantern would make its saving throws.

^---- This being said, there's no reason why your GM couldn't hand-waive this. It's not game-breaking to allow either of these to function the way I'm assuming that you want it to work.

If I've misunderstood you, please clarify.

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Ryze Kuja, you understand correctly.

There is the question of whether a lantern staff can be combined with magic lanterns, which the David is saying no. I did it for a level 20 one shot that was permissive for thematic grandeur, but that doesn't mean it was fully legal.

Then there is the question, if the answer to that first question is yes, of whether holding a Lantern of Hidden Light on a lantern staff, counts as holding the lantern in one hand. I assumed it was yes because it is implied that they meant 'at least one.'
But you're saying that isn't necessarily correct? I could always use a small sized lantern staff and hold that in one hand, which would be lame but manageable.

A lantern staff only weighs 9 lbs so there’s no reason a medium sized creature couldn’t HOLD it in one hand. It only requires 2 hands to wield it as a weapon.

The Quarterstaff Master feat allows you to wield a Quarterstaff one-handed also. This should also work on a lantern staff as well.

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I suppose if you're wielding a lantern staff normally, then you are holding it in one hand. You're also holding it in the other hand :P

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