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Ok, a Fiend Keeper Medium has to start with a good alignment:

Fiend Keeper Archetype wrote:

Alignment: A fiend keeper must choose a nonevil alignment.

and there are consequences for becoming evil aligned:

Fiend Keeper Archetype wrote:

Ex-Fiend Keepers: A fiend keeper who becomes permanently evil loses control of the spirit after 1d4+1 days, at which point he becomes an NPC under the GM’s full control. Seeking an atonement spell before then can change the medium’s alignment. This effect also can be undone with a limited wish, miracle, or wish spell.

however, barring something extreme, a character (starting as a good alignment) would usually pass through a neutral alignment before becoming evil. Are there any mechanical consequences to the Fiend Keeper for becoming some shade of Neutral?

As long as you aren't Neutral Evil, you could start Neutral... you just have to be non-Evil. It doesn't say you have to have a Good alignment component. Literally anything without Evil in it will suffice.

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I am not sure if you are meant to be able to increase your level in a class if you don't meet the requirement anymore.

CRB wrote:


A barbarian who becomes lawful loses the ability to rage and cannot gain more levels in barbarian.

While that text is about ex-barbarians, it is a condition about losing part of the class benefit. Different from being unable to take more levels in the class.

Given that it lacks such language, and has rules for what happens when you become evil, I'd say that you can be neutral and still level up.

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pad300 wrote:
Ok, a Fiend Keeper Medium has to start with a good alignment:

INCORRECT: As you quoted, they have to start with one of the six 'nonevil' alignments (LG, NG, CG, LN, N, or CN).

This is not the same as requiring one of the three 'good' alignments (LG, NG, or CG).

Fiend Keeper wrote:

Source Blood of the Beast pg. 8

Alignment: A fiend keeper must choose a nonevil alignment.

Being a Neutral Fiend Keeper is perfectly fine, regardless of whether you start out Neutral or shift into Neutrality at a later point.

Of course, here's the obligitory 'What makes a man turn neutral?' clip...

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Thank you for pointing out the obvious that I missed.

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