My player wants a happy ending for her Azata / Human couple


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One of my player characters has become very attached to their npc Azata friend and has begun a romantic relationship with her. My friend who plays the character would prefer this relationship not end in tragedy, but I'm struggling to make it work however much I want to.

The Azata has duties to take care of and can't just spend the next 50ish years just hanging around on the material plane, however,  the player character is CG and has spent the spent the last 12 levels being a generally heroic character who would most likely end up as a petitioner in Elysium or an Azata herself. So in theory it should be easy enough to just reunite them in the afterlife.

The problem with this ,at least as far as I can tell, is that even if they did meet again the PC wouldn't retain her memories or her personality and I can't find away to reasonably get around this.

I've though about soul anchors but the party is pretty much pro Pharasma, mainly good aligned and they have no reason to even know they exist.

The only other thing I found was some information  information from early 1e days stating that in rare occasions some outsiders do maintain their mortal personalities, but it seems like that has since been retconned out.

Is there anything I haven't considered?


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As far as I know there hasn't been any retconning of someone possibly remembering their life after they die. We even have some examples which, again as far as I know, are still extant in the lore, like the nascent demon lord Nightripper, or the Horseman of Famine, Trelmarixian.

And even if it doesn't work that way in the main game, meh? The afterlife is one of those aspects of the setting which is almost guaranteed not to overly affect the wider plot outside maybe how it treats your players, so have it behave however you'd like.

Also, depending on the big bad of your campaign, the major antagonists may be exactly the kind of thing that an azata would spend fifty years trying to help defeat if working alongside like-minded mortals. They are spirits of freedom and adventure, after all; hanging out with goodly adventurers seems pretty on point.

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Yeah it hasn't really been retconned, it's still something that happens rarely. Also technically speaking even if they would forget majority of their former life, they might retain some of it for bittersweet dealio.

They could also do shenanigans involving with becoming a god, technically speaking :p Another possibility is gaining it as boon from god

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A deity could also just ascend a mortal to a particular outsider. Pharasma gets touchy about Soul Anchors because they disrupt the normal flow, but if Desna drops on by and is like "Hey, P, I'm taking this one." it probably gets a big shrug. Pharasma knew it was going to happen anyway.

By the time this stuff happens, its usually in post game narrative sense so just about anything goes.

If you're looking for a solution that the Player can work toward while still alive, then you're into magic items, obscure rituals, offending Pharasma with Soul Anchors and what not. A lot of immortality stuff is in the GM fiat area now, which is good for you, because you can make an X to do the Thing.

Failing everything else, there's always Wish.

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I challenge the notion that an azata has duties which they must dedicate themselves to above their own whims or desires. Everything I understand about azata nature is that passion, love, and freedom automatically trump any notion of formal obligations. In fact, since azata prefer to show up wherever they're needed, rather than engage in methodical actions, it seems to me there is no reason an azata lover couldn't pop away when something occurs that they must act upon and return later.

A much more likely source of conflict is that azata only tend to form relatively short-lived relationships, and is likely to grow apart from your mortal player after a while. This could be tragic or it could be a mutually pleasant affair... or maybe a short time to an azata is a significant fraction of a mortal's life span, or possibly this mortal gets to be an exception to the norm. Azata get to do whatever they want, even if that means being almost consistent about one thing for the better part of a century.

Another thing which I haven't seen mentioned--given that your mortal is at least 12th level from your description, it would appear they are more than hale and hearty enough to join the azata on her adventures. The mortal no more needs to be bound to their life on the material plane than an azata to theirs in Elysium, unless that mortal has attachments they cannot leave, or their adventure is not done yet, in which case they can always call upon one another again once that is done.

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Sibelius has it right, the happy ending sounds like adventuring with the Azata (after your current campaign).

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Outsiders can and do petition the Boneyard for particular souls, and i see no reason why this character could not be escorted to Elysium by the azata themselves after they die, retaining their personality and memory.Also, an Azata would never put duty above their passion and for an immortal being, a mortal's life, even if they are long-lived like an elf, will pass by in the blink of an eye. You can easily give them an happily ever after, from the character's perspective at least.

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