Faithless and Forgotten, Part 2: Lost Colony of Taldor: 7-16 for NostalgiaCon 2021


I was given this scenario by mistake, so I'm going to DM it, first come first serve.
Tier 1-5.

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1st level alchemist.

I've got a question: Does it make sense to play this scenario not having played part one?

I don't own part one, so I wouldn't know. Paizo meant to send my the one from season 8-16 and sent me this one by mistake. I'm dming it cause I have it. Of course I did receive my correct scenario of 8-16 as well later on.
Having read it, it seems like you would be able to easily understand what is going on though not having played or even read part one.

I just realized that I do not have the capacity for another game during NostalgiaCon 2021.
Thanks for the answer, though.

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Paladin 2 (using GM star replay)

I won't dm with less than 4 players for this by the way.

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Anyone? :)

You can ask around, but I have a feeling this one might not happen.

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I can offer an archaeologist 4 bard.

Silver Crusade

Was planning I sit this con out, but figure it probably wouldn't hurt.

Aasimar Divine Hunter Pali 4, at your service.

Looks like that is 4, I'll wait a few more days to see if we can get 6.

I was sent a pm warning me that many of the same NPCS are used in all three parts (I figured that)
You miss out on some background information.
Also, you miss out on a boon if the same character doesn't play in all three parts. So if you don't want to miss out on something, you'll want to go back and play part 1. They do not however, have to be played in order.

You all can dot into gameplay and discussion by the way.

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Dotted-and-deleted a few days ago.

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I played 1st part 6 years ago, thus I barely remember any detail.

It was a Core game, which means I cannot play here with the same character, but Eldon will do I guess, he is level 5.

We just started, go ahead on in there Eldon.

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