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Hello All. Not sure if this is the right or best place for this. I have done this in the past and the feedback has been invaluable in shaping the experience for my -players.

We are just approaching the end of a homebrew AP style adventure - Throne of Light and shadow - where my players got to face off against the forces of Cyth-V'Sug in a corrupted dwarven fortress, prevent an old one from rousing from their slumber, and defeat a Veltrac demagogue in at the moment of his ascension. SO now I'm looking to develop a new adventure.

Here is my basic idea, I'm seeking ideas and feedback to round out the adventure - Throne of Iron and Blood.

Parts 1 and 2 - Best Served Cold and A Little Hatred
Players are sent to retrieve a magic item and some information from a famous adventuring party, now retired. When they arrive at the destination they find it destroyed. A ruin now sunk into the ground. The village has been the first test of a Duergar technology, chosen because of their history with the adventuring group. The Duergar have left behind the drow to divert attention from themselves and tried to make the collapse look like the town was undermined. Here they will face undead created by the explosion that destroyed the town and the ghostly remnants of the drow. In the ruins, they face off against a colony of Pugwumpi drawn by the collapse of the town. At the heart of the collapsed town, they find their goal - the adventuring group, now dead, their bodies displayed, around their necks a sign written in a language they do not understand (aklo). Here the players will find clues to the information they are seeking, an encoded note upon the bodies that points toward a secret room beneath the inn or maybe the shrine to Desna? They go only to find the area infested with Morlocks who seek the cause of the devastation themselves. They have clearly just arrived. After dealing with them they will find the secret room and the sealed scroll they seek.

Returning to the wizard he thanks them. when they inform him what has happened he grows deeply concerned and tells them of another village that collapsed in an apparent mining accident just recently. He asks them to investigate fearing something truly dire may be afoot.

This town is an almost identical scenario, investigation draws them into conflict with a group of Derro who have come to the collapsed town seeking answers. Here they will have their first encounter with the Duergar.

That's about where I'm at. I am in the process of fleshing out adventures:

Exploring the Darklands

In a foundry in Alkenstar where the youngest Duergar son seeks to source explosives and technology to further his father's goals. He will also be seeking to destroy this town using the Duergar secret weapon as well - very much against the wishes of his father who wants to remain a secret until they have perfected the technology

Culminating in a Duergar fortress filled with treacherous Duergar intent on killing each other as much as the outside world in a very King Lear fashion. Allowing PCs the opportunity to ally and turn them against each other before seeking a final confrontation with the Iron King.

I would love feedback from this community.

All that stuff sounds fine by me, Cat-thulhu; mebbe dependin' on whether you're running in either PF1e or PF2e, you might try solicitin' for more advice in their respective forum sections? :)

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