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Ultimately my question is this: do Death Druids get Skill Focus from storing their phantom in their consciousness?

A few moving parts


AoN wrote:
At 1st level, she gains the spiritualist’s phantom and etheric tether class features; at 4th level, she gains the bonded manifestation class feature; and at 14th level, she gains the spiritual bond class feature. She does not gain any of the other spiritualist abilities related to phantoms. The death druid treats her druid level as her spiritualist level for these abilities.

The Death Druid gets three class features from the Spiritualist. Most notably it does not get Shared Consciousness (Su)


AoN wrote:
At 1st level, while a phantom is confined in a spiritualist’s consciousness (but not while it’s fully manifested or banished to the Ethereal Plane), it grants the spiritualist the Skill Focus feat in two skills determined by the phantom’s emotional focus

The Death Druid does not have this class feature so shouldn't get skill focus but, their Phantoms still get Emotional Focus, and in those specific rules it says (Using Anger as my example)


AoN wrote:
Skills: The phantom gains a number of ranks in Intimidate and Survival equal to its number of Hit Dice. While confined in the spiritualist’s consciousness, the phantom grants the spiritualist Skill Focus in each of these skills.

How would you rule this?

Liberty's Edge

As I see it, the bonus is granted by Shard Consciousness, the text in the Phantom description is a reminder.

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