My players want to paint over the gauntlight

Abomination Vaults

This last session they've made it to the cupola, and tried to break it to no avail.

So now they're off to town to buy a load of paint, to black out all the windows and 'break' the lighthouse. Adventure path complete!

Good thing it doesn't have glass windows. I imagine paint would have a hard time bonding to energy fields.

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Mine covered the outside of the lighthouse section with bedrolls rigged up to block the light.

It's been fine so far...

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One good way to look at this sort of thing is to remember that if it's an easy solution for the heroes, it should be about just as easy for the villains to undo.

That said, the Gauntlight's not supposed to be a timer. It's not going to really stop much by painting over or blocking the light, and if that helps the PCs feel like they can take their time exploring the dungeon, that's good!

If it makes them feel like "JOB'S DONE" and they stop going on adventurers, maybe a different Adventure Path or a different game would be in order though. :P

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Oh, they're more than happy to continue adventuring, I just wanted to share their 'foolproof' method for making sure it doesn't activate again whilst they're underground. I did have plans to have another test firing of gauntlight when they're a bit higher level though, just to have some more fun with otari, as they love the town. Maybe it shines into the water, raising a sunken ship with draugr crew.

The "Gauntlight" can pass through solid rock, so I told my players it would probably foil their similar plan!

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