What do you look for in a streamed dnd game?

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Like the title, what kind of things do you like to see in a rpg that is streamed?

I'm not ready to start something yet, but I'd like to someday. I'm still figuring out how streaming works, like I need to find out how to make twitch post the videos to youtube, but I'm starting to suspect that requires the full computer version instead of the mobile app.

Thus, as I bring parts together, I want to keep in mind the most appealing aspects, at least those within my means of achievability.

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1. Players that are enjoying themselves.
2. Twists that throw characters for a major loop and surprise players
3. Characters are the focus of the story.
4. Rules facilitate story not impede engagement.

It would be great to do what Critical Role did, I think there's a lot to take from them as an example.

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