Inventor and Gunslinger authorized for Org Play?

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I swear, finding simple answers in the official sources is like pulling teeth. The org play document puts playtest topics front and center, but we are far beyond playtesting right now. The book is published!

So, are the two new uncommon classes from G&G open for Org Play (as Kobold became) or is a boon required?

Thank you very much for ANY info you can provide, and an EXTRA special thank you if it comes with a link. ;)

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Guns and Gears (which includes the two new classes) is not yet sanctioned for Organized Play. You can always check the status on what's allow or not by looking at the Character Options page. It lays out what is and isn't authorized from each book. Guns and Gears and the Grand Bazaar are not yet on the page.

Alex Speidel, the Org Play coordinator, has commented on the status of Guns and Gears specifically in two blog posts and in several replies to those posts:

September 2021 Sanctioning Status Update

Alex Speidel, Org Play Coordinator, Sep 30 wrote:

For the Pathfinders among us, obviously October is a double-punch of books, with the twin threats of Pathfinder Guns & Gears and Lost Omens Grand Bazaar. Let me set expectations up front: I do not anticipate that both books will be ready on October 13 when they release.

We’re only human, our volunteer review team is also only human, and we gave them a lot to do all at once. Our first priority is to get Guns & Gears sanctioned so you can start slinging guns and inventing gadgets. I will say that while both of the classes are uncommon, all Pathfinders will have access to them. After that, we’ll be aiming to get LOGB out the door as soon as we can, and we’ll keep you updated on its progress. Luckily, after this we get to rel—oh, Lost Omens Monsters of Myth? And the Absalom book? Both in December, you say? Okay, well. We’ll do our best on those! More on that as we have it.

November 2021 Organized Play Update

Alex Speidel, Org Play Coordinator, Nov 4 wrote:

First, the bad news: I have no new rulebook content to share with you at this time. I know everybody is eager to get their hands on guns, gears, and everything for sale in the Grand Bazaar, but we simply haven’t had the time to take a look at it yet. It’s the top of our priority list once the schedule crunch lets up, we promise.


My goal is that by this time next month, we’ll have Guns & Gears and Lost Omens: Grand Bazaar sanctioned... just in time for the December releases! Hooray!

This places best guess as early December for when they might be available. Sooner is possible, but I wouldn't personally expect it with the November holidays almost upon us. Alex has also clarified in those thread comments that the base gunslinger and inventor will not cost AcP once sanctioned. Some number of guns will also not cost AcP so that a gunslinger doesn't get nickled and dimed to play the character. Part of the reason it's taking a longer time to sanctioning is determining which of the uncommon options are functionally uncommon for Org Play and which are just accessible by everyone. It's a very mechanically dense release.

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Halleluiah. Annnd, thank you very, very much!

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