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Rewatching Altered carbon and inspired to make a build, anyone have any ideas on how to make a pathfinder version of an envoy? I’m thinking an investigator with a brawler dip, any other suggestions?

It's been a little while since I watched it, but isn't one of their main abilities supposed to be just the ability to jump into any body and function? That doesn't seem like it'd translate that well to Pathfinder.

What are the abilities you're trying to emulate?

I’d like to emulate the Holmesian ability to make absorb and catalog information, their combat prowess, and possibly their extraordinary senses (the first episode really highlighted this ability, Takeshi was able to pinpoint CTAC soldiers through walls), maybe some kind of blindsense.

I mean, INVESTIGATOR is the best Holmesian skill-monkey by a pretty big margin. They're also pretty decent at combat, and although they don't directly gove you Blindsense I'm sure there's an extract for that.

One thing to remember about shows like that is that the main character is a high level character with PC class levels, while the people whe goes up against are low level characters with NPC class levels. That's kinda even baked into the lore of that show even, with the Envoys and Oligarchs having lived longer and "leveled up" so to speak.

Very good points. I made an investigator/brawler multiclass. Turned out well. If anyone wants a build I can post that too.

Yeah I rate brawler as probably the best martial dip.

I think Brawler-1/Investigator-X would be a good translation, and would make an effective character (also Half-Elf, because their Investigator FCB is just so good).

I'd be interested to see your build if you wanna post it.

Not sure what the best way to post a character is on this, any suggestions, or should I just type it all out? If you have pathbuilder, I can publish the character too.

Oh. Ah ... I have Pathbuilder, so if you can publish it I can probably see it, but I've never really played with that feature so I don't really know how easy it is to find someone else's build.

I usually just go with basic stats and the feat line, and maybe important gear, spells and equipment. I dunno, whatever's easiest for you I guess.

Published online! My handle is Pondthoughts, if you go over on the pathbuilder tabs you should be able to search by username. Hope you enjoy!

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