Where are the curated lists for the Avid Collector boons?

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Like it says on the tin. I assume the lists exist somewhere for us to peruse, I just haven't figured out where.

Paizo Employee 5/55/5 * Organized Play Coordinator

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In the FAQ.

Grand Archive 4/5 5/55/5 *

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I combined it all together and in alphabetical order.

Avid Collector:
aeon stone (clear spindle)
aeon stone (dull grey)
aeon stone (gold nodule)
aeon stone (lavander and green ellipsoid)
aeon stone (orange prism)
aeon stone (pink rhomboid)
aeon stone (tourmaline sphere)
bane rune (som)
bloodletting kukri
brooch of shielding
candle of invocation (apg)
cape of the mountebank
channel protection amulet
chatterer of follies (som)
chime of opening
clandestine cloak
claw blade (apg)
daikyu (apg)
dancing rune
deck of illusions (som)
deck of mischief (som)
detect anathema fulu (som)
dragonslayer's shield
elven chain
fire-jump ring (apg)
floating shield
forge warden
four-ways dogslicer (apg)
fulu compendium (som)
greater disrupting rune
holy prayer beads
invisibility potion
keen rune
khakkara (apg)
mending lattice
north wind's night verse (som)
oil of animation
oil of object animation (apg)
oil of keen edges
potion of disguise (apg)
potion of tongues
ring of counterspells
rune of sin (som)
shortbread spy (som)
south wind's scorching song (som)
spell-storing rune
spiked chain
spiritsight crossbow (apg)
staff of impossible visions (apg)
swift block cabochon
thousand-blade thesis (som)
tengu gale blade (apg)
victory plate (apg)
wakizashi (apg)

Grand Archive 4/5 5/55/5 *

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I also organized the Esoteric Spellcaster options.

Esoteric Spellcaster:
magic aura - level 1, arcane/occult
nudge the odds - level 1, arcane/divine/occult (som)
protection - level 1, divine/occult

undetectable alignment - level 2, divine/occult

circle of protection - level 3, divine/occult
locate - level 3, arcane/divine/occult
mind reading - level 3, arcane/occult
nondetection - level 3, arcane/occult/primal

discern lies - level 4, arcane/divine/occult
hallucinatory terrain - level 4, arcane/occult/primal
globe of invulnerability - level 4, arcane/divine/occult
spiritual attunement - level 4, divine/occult (som)

drop dead - level 5, arcane/divine
false vision - level 5, arcane/occult

stone tell - level 6, divine/primal
zero gravity - level 6, arcane/occult (som)

ethereal jaunt - level 7, divine/occult
power word blind - level 7, arcane
spell turning - level 7, arcane

mind blank - level 8, arcane/occult
power word stun - level 8, arcane

power word kill - level 9, arcane

Liberty's Edge 1/5

Thank you both.

Envoy's Alliance 4/5 5/55/55/55/5 ***

That is a great list, very helpful. I really should look at picking up some of those ioun stones!

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