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Since PFS1 is no longer in production, I'm going to bring up this topic.

I know a lot of people have a real problem with people 'ruining' the gaming for others in the party by going for particular rewards that they might not know about. Plus they absolutely abhor the the thought of going on particular adventures just for the rewards instead of the story lines and role play.

However, I no longer care. THHPPPBBBBTTTT..... ;)
I (like many people in my local) still prefer PF1 to PF2. But most of us have played, run, or heard about most every scenario and possible reward in them. So some of us have been looking at wierd things to do to help keep PFS1 interesting.
One of the fellows has a PC that takes only 1 level of each class. He's up to level 9 and I believe and still surprisingly viable.
Another is trying to play a melee martial character that dumped both dex and con.

I was thinking about some of the odd-ish rewards on some of the chronicles. A broken intelligent weapon. I think there at least 3 special familiars (pseudo dragon, floating mask, necro-puppet). A couple of special animal companions (owlbear, axebeak). Some technological items (energy whip, laser pistol). The ability to change your character's race to Oread. A few Mythic things from Destiny of the Sands. Some goblin traits. Some special Lissala curse/boons. Then there are some special event reward chronicle boons. Like playing a Dhampir PC. Etc...

I was thinking about trying to see how many of those I could plan out to get in use on 1 PC. Even if not terribly powerful, just still being able to use everything he gets. So if he has an energy whip on his chronicle, he would have to be proficient in whip and pay for the energy whip. If he can take a necro-puppet as an improved familiar, he would have to have enough equiv caster levels to qualify for it. Might have to take at least 1 level of druid to get the bugbear animal companion. Things like that.
Then I, as player, would have to schedule in all those scenarios in probably a fairly specific order.

What do you folks think? How many of these odd things could we plan out to get on a single PC by level 12? This is, by the way, probably the only case where I might consider slow tracking a PC throughout his career.

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My personal experience, even when there was no PFS2, was that there were so many different options out there that it was barely possible to keep up with them given the exceptionally exclusive Prestige Price Points some were valued at.

It's an interesting premise, but my personal 'feel' has been to go for one or two 'things' and keep the rest of the prestige as an emergency res reserve.

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The nature of PFS1 character builds makes it so that if you try to claim all the unique PFS1 stuff on one character, you'll likely find a lot of stuff irrelevant to your given build, or worse, degenerate into a basically unplayable joke build.

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Yeah I don't think anyone has put together such a list.

But if everyone in your Lodge has already played everything, and you're all interested, you could be the ones to share your list with us!

Kelly Youngblood wrote:
... or worse, degenerate into a basically unplayable joke build.

Honestly, a 'joke build' doesn't bother me all that much. However, a primarily buff and/or healing caster is not all that build dependent. Spell DC becomes irrelevant. Not usually all that caster level dependent. Easy to find lots of stackable buffs on multiple lists.

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Just one caveat to your attempt: in PFS you are only allowed one mount/companion/familiar. So you'll have to pick which of these "special things" you want and avoid the others.

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Zin Z'arin wrote:
Just one caveat to your attempt: in PFS you are only allowed one mount/companion/familiar. So you'll have to pick which of these "special things" you want and avoid the others.

One companion/mount/familiar at a time. Theoretically one could have a 'golf bag'/'pet carrier' for intelligent items/critters but there are stipulations on it that I can't remember where it is at.

You can have any number of pets. However, you can only use 1 at a time. So at the start of the scenario, you can decide to use you animal companion mount, your sneaky familiar, or your melee eidolon. But not all 3 at once.

There is some ambiguity in the wording though. If say halfway through you eidolon gets its head removed and unsummons, can you then wake up the lizard familiar that was sleeping in your back to do a bit of scouting? Some say yes, some say no.

Similarly, you can purchase all the intelligent items you wish. However, it is difficult to make good use of them. They all have different alignments, so you either need a super high UMD to emulate the correct alignments or accept the negative level penalties.

BTW, I'm thinking I might do this as a Core PC. Having all the wierd on a core PC would be even more ironic.

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do it on a zero BAB build

Ooh, that would be rough. Could probably get the saves pretty high though.


having a lot of experience with PF1 Org Play I'd have to say getting all the specials on one character isn't worth it or even practical. They tend to be rather focused on a particular class(es) or class abilities.

The other problem with special/unique objects on chronicles is the PC has to PAY FOR THEM. The magic items are mostly flavor focused and not all that useful or practical and usually quite costly(sometimes discounted). I can't recommend them as normal play stops at level 12.

There are couple that have a common thread and build on others. THOSE would be worth getting in series (as sadly they are usually YEARS apart in the publishing history thus PC's would have leveled past them in regular play due to very poor planning on the publisher's part).
Should I have such a list I don't think it's appropriate to post with specific details as that would be a Spoiler. It would be helpful for scheduling scenarios at conventions etc as you are trying to connect the threads or arcs in adventures.


I have seen some silly builds (a person in Houston loves building multi-classed characters with 3-5 base classes) but it works for them and brings them joy and that's the point of a game. In Org Play you don't have to be super effective.

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I've enjoyed reasonable, sensible, multi-classed characters at the table. In fact, I have a couple of my own.

When they are completely and dangerously ineffective and are serving only to boost the party's difficulty in a random group, and the player is begging for Hard Mode in addition to a pretty 'dead weight' character?

No. Just no.

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