Skulks, fleshwarping

Abomination Vaults

This is by no means a critical question, but still, fun to speculate:

The adventure features a Skulk or two. Notably one that dreams of getting fleshwarped.

So naturally I wonder what kind of creature that results from fleshwarping a Skulk?

The available write-ups only say Skulks are "humanoid". Unlike many other similar humanoids there is no information about the origin of the race. Are skulks degenerated humans? Some kind of hybrid gone wrong? Humanoids infused with... what? A created slave race? (I personally blame the Aboleths, like always!)

This is important because humans become Grothlut when fleshwarped... but other humanoids notably does not. Even something as minor a difference as drow elf vs surface elf yields drastically different results when fleshwarped.

So what does a Skulk change into, and what is a Skulk? :-)

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