Finish The Job is the worst deed?

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Deed Finish The Job in the Way of Drifter can only be used RIGHT AFTER failed RANGED Strike.
Since Finish The Job is a Melee Strike itself it means you should shot at melee to use this deed. And in melee many fighter will make AoP when you try to shot them.
In such scenario to use this deed you should put yourself at disadvantage (go in melee for ranged attack) and this is not as much bonus as drawback.

Am I missing something?
I thought that Drifter's play should be something like:
1) Shoot, Stride in melee, Strike
2) then Strike, Step back, Shoot

but not:
Stride in melee, Shoot, Take AoP in the Face, Strike

Ok. There is a feat Sword and Pistol which negate this drawback. But it's like must-have feat for Drifter. Why doesn't give it by default?

Then again Reloading Strike is a worst Slinger's Reload because you Strike in Melee and then you Interact in Melee! So you trigger AoP with such reload. And in this case feat Sword and Pistol doesn't help.

So what's the main idea of the drifter? How should it be played?

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I think the Drifter is supposed to trigger and take reactions at melee range if they shoot or reload. That's the price of having the melee support the other Ways don't have. It gives you strong options against creatures that don't have such reactions, and it gives you a downside to pay for it against those that do. No free lunch.

You can always play Pistolero or Spellshot.

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Well, this is complaining about a problem that really doesn't exist in this system.

Most creatures do not have AoOs. Those that do causes problems for everyone, not just Gunslingers. Also, realistically you're not the only character that can trigger such a things, with tactics this can be a non issue most of the time.

AoO is a problem to be solved because it's a rare commodity, if it were so easy to bypass it, then it wouldn't make sense for it to be so "expensive" (non-fighters have access to it at level 6+) and rare.

Taking an unexpected whack to the face sucks for any character, but like everyone else, Gunslingers are expected to adapt to their situation, not keep doing the same routine regardless of the enemy in front of them.

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

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Gunslingers also probably should not be going toe to toe with the enemies that are likely to have AoO - they can be built as a switch-hitter, but there is a difference between being a switch-hitter/melee striker (rangers and rogues) and a tank (fighters and champions).

You are going to be more efficient in combat going into melee with the spellcaster or archers in the backline who probably don't have AoO - leave trading blows with the big guy with a greatsword to people with heavy armour and more HP. You can even sit next to the squishy spellcaster and shoot at the greatsword guy while smacking the spellcaster whenever you miss.

I'm pretty sure this is in the wrong forum. This is the Playtest forum and the GnG Playtest is long over. I'm honestly not sure why this forum isn't locked. I think this would be better served in General Discussion.

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