Was Reverse Engineer incorrect?

Inventor Class

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Reverse Engineer

This seems to be copied directly from the Scrounger Archetype, except for the fact that it's a level 2 feat.

However, the Inventor does not gain the Expert Overdrive Class Feature until level 3 which means that the prerequisite is impossible to meet at level 2 from what I can see.

Was this intended to be a Feat 2 with no prerequisite for the Inventor?

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It's not unheard of for base class feats to have earlier access than archetype feats of the same effect; in fact, most archetypes that provide feats that elmulate feats from other classes are 2 levels higher than the base one. I feel the validity of the practice itself could be debated, but there is a design precedent

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Yeah, my GM just lifted the Expert in Crafting for this one. Seems like an oversight. Without it, the only lv 2 feat an Inventor with Weapon Innovation can take is Searing Restoration, wich would be at least a litte odd.

But I understand that my GM lifting the prerequisite is a houserule thing. I still waiting for the Guns and Gears errata on this one.

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