I would love to see more magical "firearms" from the Inner Sea

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The Rowan Rifle in particular has really inspired me, because boy is that thing cool. But true star guns are an Arcadian thing and that is fine. What I am really interested in is the Inner Sea Region's answer to these old technologies and the new developments in firearms from down south. Magic obviously limits the impact firearms technology will have on combat and war, but it is still a potent technology. No country will ever willingly rely on a foreign power to supply it with something like that, if they have any choice in the matter. Currently they simply don't have the technology, so it would make sense for them to seek an alternative. Not in huge quantities, since bows, crossbows and similar technologies are actually comparable in effectiveness, but still.

We already know that combination weapons are an answer to the limited supply of gunpowder, but why wouldn't they also apply magic to the problem? Because that is one avenue of approach that Alkenstar and Dongun Hold cannot use effectively. The pure existence of damage runes and weapons like Flame Tongue imply that this is perfectly possible and not even a stretch from existing technology. And of course, we can't forget spells like fire ray and telekinetic projectile.

So, from a lore perspective, I would expect the first-rate powers of the Inner Sea at the very least are already trying to come up with a solution, if they haven't already. A more traditional magi-tech solution compared to the bio-magical hybrid beast guns of Arcadia. You could have fun things like Cheliax being up to some Dark-Mechanicus-esk shenanigans with binding devils to weapons to make them more powerful.


What is the mechanical specifics I'm looking for? Here is a rough example. Note that while it is somewhat similar to the base weapon of some beast guns, it is not supposed to be a specific weapon.

Energy Rod
Usage held in 2 hands Bulk 2

The energy rod is a martial firearm with a range increment of 90 feet. It deals 1d8 fire damage and has the modular C (cold damage) and fatal d12 traits. It resembles a particularly long and thin crossbow or a musket, but instead of a barrel or flight groove it features a long, thin rod reminiscent of a wand or staff. This weapon can be manufactured in any combination of energy damage types, but never more than two and the user can switch between them by rotating the firing chamber into the second position (or back - imagine a really early revolving design). Ammunition is inserted into the firing chamber as if it were a regular firearm, though it uses alchemical energy cartridges based on alchemical bombs rather than gunpowder, which are fully consumed to provide the weapon with enough energy to fire.

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