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Is it just me, or does it seem like this warrior androids are sub optimal for being actual warriors?

I mean pretty much every martial class already has training in simple and martial weapons, so a warrior android fighter basically gets no benefit from it's heritage. Or am I missing something?

If I'm not, than I think it might warrant a small rewrite.

Warrior Android

Your body was originally created to function as a security officer or soldier. You're a gifted warrior preprogrammed for combat.
You gain the Weapon Proficiency general feat as a bonus feat. Weapon proficiency granted by this bonus feat increases along with those granted by your class.

This way you always have some sort of benefit for starting out ahead instead of it evaporating under certain circumstances.

So your warrior android fighter starts out expert in one advanced weapon instead of negating the benefit of being a warrior android entirely.

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No call on the strength of your change, but the heritage allows you to, for instance, take the Marshal archetype on a cleric or bard or wizard or so on at level 2, among other things.

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I think that rather than what's given by the heritage, your issue could be with the given name.

If you think that "warrior" doesn't suit perfectly the heritage name, why not ( instead of modifying what it gives ) to simply change its description?

something like "sparring Android", for example, meant to be intended as some sort of "tool" meant to train new troops.

@Grankless: Thanks! I didn't realize that was a thing.

@HumbleGamer: Interesting approach!

Thanks to you both!

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