[Kobold Press] Book of Ebon Tides: 5th Edition enters the Plane of Shadow!

5th Edition (And Beyond)

Liberty's Edge

5th Edition enters the Plane of Shadow!

A realm just beyond the mortal world—seize magical power, play new heroes, and bring the secrets of the shadows into the light!

Book of Ebon Tides

The Plane of Shadow exists beside the mortal world, one step beyond the veil—and your heroes can enter this otherworldly realm of fey shadows, undead horrors, and wild adventure!

The Book of Ebon Tides provides a complete guide to the people, places, heroes, magic, and monsters of the Plane of Shadow, a land where fey magic, illusion, and trickery are as potent as steel.

From shadow goblins to ghouls, from elves to bearfolk, this is a world of mystery and enchantment. On the muddy black riverbanks and along alleys paved with bone, new heroes wander in the light of the moon, summon lunar devils, and battle in crumbling castles.

Come explore a shadow world next door to every other, just one step down the shadow road. . . .

Liberty's Edge

Funded in Under 3 Hours!

Once again, our fantastic and loyal fans have overwhelmed us with your enthusiasm. Hitting our funding goal so quickly, with so many jumping on board first thing, tells us we must be doing something right. It’s great to know our efforts to deliver the highest-quality products we can, working to enhance your gaming experience, are noticed and appreciated.

Now we Kobolds settle in to watch and cheer as the project rolls full steam ahead toward some exciting stretch goals. Over the next 30 days, with your help, we can add additional maps, spells, monsters, and more! Keep checking in to see the progress.

If you haven’t backed the project yet, we hope you will, but either way, thanks so much for your interest. And if you have, please consider sharing, liking, and retweeting the announcement of the launch with your friends, players, and followers. It’s invaluable support.

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