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I'm a bit unclear on the complete effect of the creature type change. Do you gain all the features listed under the creature type graft? Or do you simply gain the features listed after the listed creature type change? I'm currently running a Evolutionist in Devastation Ark and have gotten to the end encounter, so it won't really matter after the current session, but I'd like to be clearer on the matter for possible future characters that may be Evolutionists. I am running as the Mechanized Niche, so I'm turning into a construct. So primary question is, do I gain all construct traits and immunities or just the immunity to fatigue and exhaustion? If I do gain all the construct traits, do I count as unliving and have a null Con score, or am I a living construct?

You have completed your transformation. Your creature type changes to one of the creature types associated with your niche. In addition, you become immune to one or more effects based on your niche, plus two additional effects of your choice from the following list:
bleed, death effects, disease, fatigued (including exhausted), negative levels, nonlethal damage, paralysis, poison, sleep, or stun

Your creature type becomes construct. You gain immunity to fatigue and exhaustion

From what I can tell, Your type becomes Construct, nothing extra from that part. You gain the Fatigue/Exhaustion immunity then a choice of 2 from he above list.

Edit to Add: Seeing as this is still the play test, expect it to change for the official release. Better safe then sorry

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Ah, I missed that part of the description, thank you! I was thinking that getting everything a construct did sounded a bit much.

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