Guns and Gears, what builds did you tinker?

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The book is out for a few days now, what builds did you do with the new options?

Grand Bazaar builds are also welcome.

Sniper Big Shot


This one is mainly focused into making the first shot of Sniper that have One Shot, One Kill, hurt a lot, mainly by picking Inventor Megaton Strike. The first level feat is whatever to be honest as do the basic feat to qualify for the advanced one on inventor.

1) Hit the Dirty
2) Inventor Dedication
4) Tamper
6) Risky Reload / Sniper Aim
8) Megaton Strike

If the character is human, or adopted by one then can pick either Rogue, Ranger or Investigator dedication for Sneak Attack, Gravity Weapon or Devise Stratagem respectively at lvl 10 to either increase the damage or make sure that you don't miss the Megaton Strike, with Devise Stratagem the Sniper Aim is interesting as it can make something that would miss hit with the extra hit chance.

The Toymaker


An Inventor, the main focus is to have a bunch of stuff to make and flavor them as toy, I like to think the character as a dwarf.

Weapon or Armor Innovation, as I am using the construct only to be a disposable thing here that can flank block ways and that can be put back on one day downtime if it's destroyed.

1) Construct Prototype.
2) Snarecrafter
4) Gadget Specialist
6) Trapsmith
8) Recycled Cogwheel
10) Powerful Snares

Basically, just spam your toys and pick them back if not triggered with Recycled Cogwheel, works best on dungeon delving or tower defense as you can put the traps on corridors and make the construct call the enemies to it.

Mixed Range Ranger


The book introduced a few items but the main ones for this build is Blazons of Shared Power and Reinforced Stocks and you can use Doubling Rings together with Blazons for some fun stuff, with that we have a few ways to go with that Ranger...

Air Repeater way: Pick both Twin Takedown and Hunted Shot, comes super early in the build at lvl 2, the disadvantage is that Air Repeater is a d4, but you can make up for it by picking precision edge.

Capacity Weapon way: This let you use a higher die weapon with more weapons traits and fatal, you can't hunted shot with this, but Ranger have Running Reload as a class feat.

Crossbow way: Ranger have Crossbow Ace for a strong d8 +2 circumstance damage with a hand crossbow but don't have a way to reload with a hand full, so will need to use a dedication in either gunslinger or dual weapon warrior for it, and take a little longer to come online, I prefer going gunslinger, as you can also steal drifter first deed for a free stride.

1) Twin Takedown
2) Crossbow Ace
4) Gunslinger Dedication
6) First Deed: Into the Fray
8) Whatever
10) Reloading Strike

To take advantage of One Shot, One Kill more consistently I'm planning on taking Rogue Dedication for Surprise Attack.

Dwarven weapon inventor specializing in his clan dagger. Make it a d6 with complex simplicity. Aerodynamic construction at 7th level to make clan's edge attacks with an agile and sweep clan dagger and tank it up with crowds of enemies. Give it reach at 15th level. Secondary weapon would be some kind of polearm for bosses and such.

For the new campaign we are going to start in a few weeks (with Free Archetype rules) I'm going to play an android sniper Gunslinger with Wizard dedication and later on Beastgunner (a little bit reflavored probably). The spells will be mostly used on time themed spells like time jump and such. The idea is to use true strike with Sniper's Aim every other turn for really consistent crits with an arquebus and later on switch to Spellsling when elememtal weakneses can be triggered.

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I'd say the obvious big deal mechanic here is a gunslinger with any weapon with good range maximizing the mileage they get from Fake Out with Cooperative nature and other dedication options that build on Aid, like you'd find in the Pathfinder Agent archetype with Deft Cooperation.

I'm wanting to do something with the Poppet. But the penalty to DEX is somewhat harsh. So I am thinking:

Toy Poppet
Adopted Ancestry (Sprite) - Not strictly legal, but whatever
Corgi Mount
Spark of Independence

Then ride around the battlefield on an independent Corgi. Using Spark of Independence to put on a burst of speed if really needed.

Amusing, but probably not terribly powerful.

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I'm looking at a Toy Poppet Sniper. Harmless Doll might let me ambush something at some point. Mostly just looking forward to shooting gargantuan creatures with a BB gun.

The gun sword makes a lot of sense for a Precision Ranger switch hitter. Definitely a Gravity Weapon build but not sure where to go from there.

Alchemist who uses hand xbow absolutely loves a gunslinger dip for a new weapon type. But also for the Alchemy shots, which lets them target weaknesses.
He's quite happy for it. He's now a librarian with a gun.

Dex armor inventor with the stealth suit. Scout archetype for scout's charge and benefit from your stealth bonus on your armor for feint attempts from scout's charge. Multitalented for rogue to get mobility and zip around the battlefield with 60+ speed.

Thinking of a sprite gunslinger on a corgi mount. No clue if it is viable or would work, but since sprites came out always fancied the idea.

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Due to recently binging she-ra (2018) I felt almost compelled to build entrapta with the inventor, and I am VERY pleased with the result. You have to abstract "hand usage" a little when the weapon in question is cybernetic laced prehensile hair (using meteor hammer of all things as a base) but saying she needs to use both hands fully available to keep balance while flailing around with however many pounds of hair she has. I'm on a phone atm but once I get off work I'll post the build.

Automaton construct companion inventor. Just a crazy Professor Farnsworth character who's brilliant mortal consciousness is slightly mush from millenia of existence. Idk about having a dedication or not. I might wanna save those feats for gadgets and other inventor goodies.

Too late to edit but I'm also wondering if it's better to do the construct companion innovation or go the weapon innovation with the construct companion feats. I'm leaning towards the latter but any input would be appreciated. Between megaton strike and the gadget feats I don't think my inventor is gonna have room for a dedication.

Guns, Goblins and Bombs! Oh my!


Goblin gunslinger using an explosive dogslicer and some alchemical bombs, to put fire on everything. Remember that when you reload you also grip the weapon with the right number of hands.

Ancestry feat: Goblin Weapon Familiarity

1) Munition Crafter
2) Quick Draw
4) Running Reload
6) Munition Machinist
8) Stab and Blast
10) Penetrating Fire
12) Shattering Shot

Stab and Blast + Shove/Running Reload + Shattering Shot is something possible to do here, the shove have the same MAP as the shot of the weapon.

Currently trying to tinker a Starlit Span Magus using either a 1handed weapon and pistols or a combination weapon, not sure how to balance STR/DEX/INT yet. If using a combination weapon, a dip into gunslinger for some feats might be good, was thinking of the Piercing Wind and use it with 2 hands regardless

Not really builds exactly, but two ideas I've had, just because, were either a stuffed poppet shaped like an elephant who uses a blunderbuss, mostly so I can simulate my games of "Dumbo with a shotgun" that I used to play as a kid, or perhaps making a monk or fighter combat Automaton who goes into the Sterling Dynamo archetype ... so I can build Android 16.

I'd do Android rather than Automaton, but Automatons get the ability to shoot lasers, and combat ones can do special slams, which sounds great.

There is the classic Creepy Doll

Toy Poppet. Witch - either Curse or Baba Yaga. Fortune Teller background. Shiny Button Eyes. Cathartic Mage (Fear) especially if you chose Baba Yaga and don't have Evil Eye. For Basic Lesson use Lesson of Vengeance to get Needle of Vengeance. Spells focusing on things that do negative damage or mental damage or status effects - so Phantom Pain, Ray of Enfeeblement, Paranoia, Hideous Laughter, Vomit Swarm, Feast of Ashes...

Not much of a playable player character. But could make a good villain.

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Chekov Hammer:

A fighter who selects firearms, MCs into Mauler, the MCs into Gunslinger to keep his proficiency high for 2 handed combination weapons for melee/ranged. Essentially a switch hitter focused more on debuffing with a crushing rune/hammer specialization from the hammer gun vs. doing straight damage due to 1D8 die sizes. However, you can use the critical fusion specialization with a power attack/furious focus strike and telluric power to get a big static damage bonus due to more damage dice. Uses the free archetype rule because its awesome.

Chekov Hammer:

Class Feats
1 Power attack
2 Sudden Charge
4 Point-Blank Shot
6 Furious Focus
8 Gunslinger - Running Reload
9 Parting Shot
10 Combat Reflexes
12 Brutal Finish
14 Stance Savant
15 Debilitating Shot
16 Whirlwind Strike
18 Savage Critical
20 Weapon Supremacy or Boundless Reprisals

Archetype Feats
2 Mauler Dedication
4 Gunslinger Dedication
6 Gunslinger - Risky Reload
8 Gunslinger - Munitions Crafter
10 Gunslinger - Alchemical Shot
12 Gunslinger - Munitions Machinist
14 Mauler - Hammer Quake
16 Gunslinger - Stab and Blast
18 Gunslinger - Grit and Tenacity
20 Gunslinger - Precious Munitions

Plucky Ducky:

The luckiest SOB around. Focused on picking up as many re-roll/fortune effects possible via unexpected sharpshooter, halfling luck feat chain, catfolk luck feat chains, and grit and tenacity feat chain. Styled after Dirk Gently for sure. Uses free archetype rule and an okay from the GM to open up a new regional catfolk adoption agency.

Plucky Ducky:

Ancestry Feats
1 Halfling Luck
3 Halfling Lore
5 Cultural Adaptability (Catfolk - Cat's Luck)
9 Guiding Luck
13 Incredible Luck (Halfling)
17 Catfolk - Reliable Luck

Class Feats
1 Munitions Crafter
2 Risky Reload
4 Running Reload
6 Munitions Machinist
8 Grit and Tenacity
10 Precious Munitions
12 Unshakeable Grit
14 Dance of Thunder
16 Fatal Blow
18 Piercing Critical
20 Perfect Readiness

Archetype Feats
2 Unexpected Sharpshooter - Dedication
4 Lucky Escape
6 Acrobat - Dedication
8 Unbelievable Luck
10 Unbelievable Escape
12 Chain Reaction
14 Unexpected Sharpshooter - I Meant to do That
16 ?
18 ?
20 ?

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A Grand Bazaar one.

The Tiger, Mask?


Using the Wrestler Archetype on a Swashbuckler, I found two styles that I like on this, one that focuses on finisher and another that focus on staying on panache and take advantage of derring-do for the grapple stuff of Wrestler.

Common to both builds is using a Catfolk with with the Clawed Heritage, it's necessary for a d6 unarmed attack.

Finisher Based one
1) Nimble Dodge / Buckler Expertise
2) Wrestler Dedication
4) Suplex
6) Precise Finisher
8) Attack Of Opportunity
10) Whirlwind Throw
12) Spinebreaker

This let you grab, finisher and then throw the creature away, as you will be doing finishers with MAP, precise finisher makes the damage more consistent, and attack of opportunity is there as it's still a gymnast Swashbuckler and trip into AoO is still an option. Spinebreaker is there as if the creature is still grapple that qualifies for you to enter in panache, so you can spinebreaker into finisher into throw

Panache Based one

1) Nimble Dodge / Buckler Expertise
2) Wrestler Dedication
4) Suplex / After You
6) Clinch Strike
8) Submission Hold
10) Derring-do
12) Spinebreaker/Aerial Piledriver

This one is about keeping the creature grappled and take advantage of Derring-Do fortune rolls to keep debuffing the enemy with Submissions/spinebreakers.

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