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So, i'm curious. What is your favorite character youe ver played in Pathfinder? What race and class where they, What was their backstory, And why did you like them so?

For me it was my Goblin Alchemist, Mogawg Fireblast, Or Mog for short.

He was originally just a regular swamp goblin living in a small goblin village, Untill one day when he while exploring the swamp found a dead human alchemist! Mog got curious and started rummaging through the alchemists belongings and found a lot of interesting things, A few books that he ate to take the thoughts they had stolen for himself, And a lot of things he started experimenting with.

Eventually Mog learned how to handle the alchemists things, Learning how to create bombs, A few less exciting things like a healing liquid, And even some fireworks with a bit extra work. He spent some time entertaining the village with fireworks and explosions, Until a day when he accidentally blew up the chief's hut, With the chief still inside it.. With that he was chased out of the village, And set off to explore the world!

He ended up going on a big adventure, Where he meet friends, Saved the dragon empire from a evil cult, And joined the alchemist guild! It struggle to say exactly why he is my favorite, He was simply a blast to play, I had so much fun with his crazy antics and my group seemed to really enjoy it too! (Thats what they say at least)

What abou tyou all? Who is your favorite and what makes you love them so?

I'm sure I've answered this before, but one of the few characters I actually completed a campaign with was Anders the Inquisitor. LN and a total dick. In the homebrew setting, he was part of an order than collected and secreted away magical items (think Brotherhood from Fallout). He was very militant about. He also specialized in Intimidate and Blistering Invective.

I know I've shared this character on other threads, but for me, it would have to by Ymmgror Crackletusk. Ymmgror was a gestalted Mammoth Spirit Shaman/Herald of the Horn Skald from a noble barbarian nation of humans, giants, and "true orcs".

This was a custom world in a home brew game, and my whole group got to add countries and story elements to the map. There were several marauding bands and tribes of classically evil orcs that warred with the "civilized" nations farther to the south, but these were "fallen" orcs. According to the legends of my people, orcs were some of the first beasts to "learn the songs of the world" and so became some of the first primal sentient peoples. Orcs were meant to be warriors and predators and still savage, but the way a fighting animal is savage. The mindlessly violent and evil orcs were a product of the corruption of Grummsh upon the orc people, taking them away from their natural purpose. . . . or so go the legends.

Aside from the cultural backstory, Ymmgror was a wise and charismatic spiritual leader in his tribe. He a several other shamans and lower tier leaders were sent out as ambassadors from their northern lands. The tribes had grown and prospered enough that it was time to return to the mainlands in the south. At the same time, terrible climatic changes were occuring to make the North nigh unsurvivable. So Ymmgror set forth to meet new peoples, visit the halls of power, and secure travel, trade, or land treaties with other civilized peoples to find new homelands for the tribes.

Ymmgror was very strong, so I could step up as the strong guy for the party when needed, but the fun part of him, was that he had excellent mental stats compared to the "typical" orc. He was very friendly and wise, but sometimes stern or prone to giving unsolicited guidance. In order to emphasize his "foreignness" I gave him an accent, and had him frequently misunderstand or misuse idioms. This led to several fun RP sessions where I would emphatically make a point, and then the group would get side tracked trying to figure out what exactly I had said/meant. (Example: one time I teased/chastised another character about making a decision because he was such a die hard " how you say . . . breezy lad". Eventually they figured out fan boy).

It was the quirks and eccentricities that made Ymmgror so much fun. He was powerful with strength boosting abilities for both himself and the party. I also gave him numerous sonic damage spells to suit his "Thunder" theme. But it was moments like when he first joined the party where he shined. Sitting around the campfire, introducing ourselves to one and other, he pulls out a small carving knife and cuts a sliver of flesh from his hand. Everyone is freaked out at first, but then Ymmgror calmly passes the strip through the flames, cuts it into tiny pieces, and offers it to everyone saying "Make friend!" In his culture this is basically the equivalent of a formal declaration of friendship/loyalty (like a more distrurbing blood brother ritual).

I also can't fail to mention Ymmgror's faithful spirit familiar, Jarzum the baby Mastodon. An adorable and tough little fuzzbal (modified pig stats), who wasn't afraid to wade in a whack bad guys with his trunk. Somewhere along the way, Jarzum also swiped a bell from a shop counter. Whenever the characters would tease one and other, or argue over some issue, Jarzum would chime the bell whenever someone "scored a point". At one point, Ymmgror and two other party members were slain (rezed later). Jarzum cried big old Dumbo tears, and had some of the actual players tearing up. Ymmgror and Jarzum were well loved. That's probably why he was my favorite.

Ardran the Bloodrager/Troll extraordinaire.

Figured out in WOTR that Demons fear being made fun off, and thus turned into a complete prankster.
His antics in Mendev (bluffing the demons into believing that Nocticula support the crusade)
Alyushinnyrra (put up a bounty on the Parties Paladins virginity to increase notoriety) and later heaven (stripped before Iomedae) became the stuff of legends.
After first moonlighting as a Real estate aqusition agent in the service to our lady, after facsiliating the aquisition of the Demon Isle Baphomet, he then proceeded to sell the Ineluctable prison to Asmodeus gaining the respect of Queen Abrogail Thrune, a cut of the winnings (which he used to pay off his gambling debts to our Lady in Shadow) and some pretty interesting experiences.

He was profanely ascended into becoming Nocticulas herald (she wished to finalize the deal before he got "joinked" by other interested parties).

Act 6 was rough for him, because all of the enemies were targetting him with extreme prejudice.

Also reknowned for winning in a "who is more smug" competition with a High ranking Contract devil.

Kraaj was the middle of three children of an orc gladiator and a human cleaning lady paired together by their owner. His whole world revolved around fighting for extra food for himself and his siblings until the day that an adventuring party tore through the city state, killing or chasing off all of the corrupt nobles. In the aftermath, he approached that party's cleric. A follower of Desna, the cleric had many things to teach young Kraaj. Stories of travel, of the many different places in the world. Of the right of freedom for all sentient beings. Kraaj was so taken with it all he pledged himself to Desna and began his own journey in her name, carrying her words on his skin in the form of many tattoos.

During his journey, he stopped a swarm of corrupted fey spirits, almost dies to a phase spider nest, killed a nest of half-fiend black dragons, adopted the normal black dragon wyrmling out of the batch, retrieved an evil artifact from a pocket dimension, stymied a succubus' takeover of a kingdom, and killed a dead god for good.

With him I used quick draw plus a quickdraw light wooden shield and a heavy pick so I could always have shield ac between my turns and either cast or use the weapon two handed on his turns. He had insane mobility thanks to the power of the travel domain, which I used frequently to get into flanking with the rogue or to just intimidate clusters of enemies with blistering invective. Favored class bonus plus stern gaze and monster lore meant I had all the knowledges covered and a sky-high intimidate bonus despite an 8 cha.

Scarab Sages

Katisha - Street Performer Bard, 13 levels in PFS and never inflicted a HP of damage on anything other than herself (Confusion Effects...).

I follow a different path:

Like using Intimidate on a captive to get information:

Captive Uthdan Warrior: "Go ahead and kill me! I do not fear death, I will have died a warrior!"

Katisha: "Honey, I'm a Pathfinder. I never kill people. Very wasteful. No, I think I'll just take you home with me, to my little country house just outside of Westgate. With a couple spells, I'm sure things will work out just fine! I could use another Page Boy..., And perhaps, if you're really 'good' at it, in time you can work up to being a footman... We'll have such fun! My servants have these cute little uniforms! I'm sure I've got one in your size!"

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