Any standout items or tools?

Thaumaturge Class


Just curious...
Has anyone come across some item based combos or must haves? I realize thats not generally a consideration for playtesting but I think it could be interesting given the class ties to certain game rules.

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Not really. I've found item use really awkward with the class's current "hands economy", since it typically wants both hands occupied (one weapon and one implement).

Even the items it can craft suffer from this, such as needing 3 extra actions to use a scroll to stow an Implement/Weapon, draw the Scroll, and then redraw whatever you stowed after casting the Scroll.

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Do you mean Equipment?

Nothing ubiquitous. My Scroll Thaumaturgy needs a Scrollstaff because his hands are full. (EDIT: But he can't hit anything because staves aren't Finesse weapons.)

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Scrolls of Pocket Library.

Serene Mutagen or Cognitive Mutagen (best if you have Alchemist MC dedication and Revivifying Mutagen though).

Anything that makes you undetected so that you can FF before Initiative is rolled.

Anything that gives you Greater Darkvision because you need to SEE your opponent to use FF once the encounter begins.

Extending rune to hit with your melee weapon at range.

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Extended wounding whip sounds fun

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