[Spoilers] Looking for Ideas: A Little Magaambya Homebrew

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GMing this soon and read Book 1. I'm really excited!

One of my PCs wants to play "goth Harry Potter"; a fetching witch/druid. He asked if I would go along with the idea of a "Shadow Magaambya" (a la Shadow Absalom) as part of his backstory. He will take the mysterious benefactor background, and was supposed to attend the "Shadow Academy" but ran away and landed in the Material-Plane Magaambya instead thanks to being Sponsored by a Stranger.

I was considering that if he becomes a favorite of Koride’s he might find that she has been acquiring supplies from unscrupulous shadow-Magaambyans on the sly, in order to skirt taxes and regulations. Perhaps she can offer him a Practical Research opportunity later on… if he really earns her trust); perhaps there can also be some shadow-research stuff in the "Dubious Research" room.

For those further along, would this bit of homebrew be problematic for later in the AP? I don't want to make it the highlight of the AP, but add in depth and breath that matches his backstory and see where he takes it during downtime and such.

Any other thoughts or fun opportunities I might have missed?

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