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Hello! Long time no post!

Curious if anyone has any ideas on a build for some kind of angry, telekinesis/gravity wielding hero (?), styled after Jack, aka subject zero, from mass effect.

I’ve been looking mostly at the occultist and Kineticist classes, I also stumbled across an eldritch knight build that had some fun shenanigans with throwing weapons via telekinesis. I’m more interested in something that isn’t so completely a one trick pony, however. Throwing enemies as well as weapons would be nice. As well as random gravity blasts, and other biotic craziness from mass effect.

Not necessarily interest in min/maxing, though those kinds of builds often offer plenty of ideas to pillage. I’ll post a sample build shortly. Any other ideas are much appreciated!

It's been a while since I played Mass Effect. My first thought was Occultist (Telekinetic Mastery) but Aether Kineticist is probably a better fit.

What were the biotic abilities? Were they mostly telekinesis themed or were there others? (it really has been a while)

I would make her an Android... yeah, I know she is human, but whatever.

For the telekinesis stuffs, I would go with Kineticist... probably mainline Aether, dabbling with Air along the way. That should give you the full telekinetic profile.

Although, for Jack, specifically... channeling Void instead of Air might be more fitting. Your choice there.

You mentioned Eldritch Knight... which is not compatible with Kineticist (to my knowledge).

Spell Critical, doubling up on Telekinesis when you confirm a critical with any-of-the-many weapons you just threw with Telekinesis... it's hilarious, if that is what you were referring to. Echoing spell and those stupid metamagic traits can help make that a little easier on the spellbook.

Weaponplay Ganzi can get into Eldritch Knight without the dip (they have racial proficiency in martial weapons)... but you won't have armor. Meh. The real problem is that Ganzi take a -2 to Intelligence.

Anyways, pick up Telekinetic Mastery, as well as the obvious Ring of Telekinesis... when such things become available.

If you go with Wizard (or anything else with Arcane Bond), you can craft your Ring of Telekinesis for half price... which is better, to say the least.

When throwing weapons, a Medium sized weapon that weighs less than 1.5# can go up to Colossal before it goes over the weight limit. Making whatever weapon you chose out of Obsidian and picking up Splintering Weapon can do Bleed damage. Making the weapon(s) out of Viridium can give them leporsy. Lol.

Hmm. Probably an Incanter from Spheres of Power using the Telekinesis and Destruction spheres primarily. Perhaps Warp for the quick teleport like abilities biotics get.

If you are willing to deal with a -2 to your main casting stat... an Android Tattooed Sorcerer with the Nanite Bloodline would be super fitting thematically.

Build for your Telekinesis, with a possible backup focus on Monstrous Physique (because Deathsnatchers are awesome).

MrCharisma wrote:

What were the biotic abilities? Were they mostly telekinesis themed or were there others? (it really has been a while)

From some website “Her telekinesis is not subtle – augmented punches that can break armour plating, large shockwaves, throwing people around like rag dolls, these things. She’s also one of the few people seen charging ammunition with Dark Energy, making each projectile a mini biotic warp that explodes on impact.

Against most opposition Jack is like a gale, leaving everything broken and hammered in her wake.

Her signature technique is a wide biotic shockwave which hammers everything in front of her like a freight train.”

I was thinking about using an android too, maybe even one with the emotional trait, to represent her modifications and edginess. Thanks for all the quick replies!

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