An idea on how to make the psychics cantrip spamming more interesting to play

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My idea is basically to allow them to play more with the action economy so that if they are expected to be doing the same thing every turn the turns can still be interesting.

Main idea:whenever you amp a cantrip it reduces its action cost by 1 (minimum one action) but you can only amp one cantrip per turn), this makes the fact that the amped cantrips are a bit underwhelming less painfully because now you arent just selling your spell slots and proficiencies to get the maps and cantrips, you are also getting far more freedom with your turn and action economy than a caster normally would.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

It might be easier to design the unique cantrips to all be 1 action or have 1 action options than to have any cantrips be 1 action when amped. That way new Conscious Minds would only have to be careful that the new cantrips they grant are in line with action economy balance rather than have to consider whether the other cantrips granted by the Conscious Mind are balanced as 1 action despite not having been designed as such.

Fiery Body already uses this concept. I don't think even need to limit amp uses in 1 per round the focus points and unleash already do this. But I like the idea of amped cantrips uses only 1-action. Even the flavor makes senses one the traditionally psico powers are faster than magic.

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I'd like to see some more impactful options from the cantrips. Maybe the daze amp can also read into their mind, and you can do a reaction to give an ally a bonus to AC or saves? Telekinetic projectile gives you the option to either shove, trip, or disarm...

If they want to not make it feel like spamming, then there needs to be choices, and the choices should be baked in from level one, and not rely entirely from amp feats, because that will make those psychics that focus on other feats spammers

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