Is Order 22067705 hanging Order 36654186 ?

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Order 22067705, from April of 2020 should not be Pending. It should be Complete. I think because the status is wrong, my current order, 36654186, is showing that it needs a valid payment. I had that same message last month, and when I switched that subscription order's payment from the Mastercard to the Visa on my account, the situation resolved. I'd like to not have to switch back and forth every month, so please check if this is the source of a bug that's hanging the payment processing for my subscription orders, or a real payment problem.

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Huh, I've seen physical items get stuck like that before, but not digital. I'll look into order # 22067705 so that we can get that unmarked as pending! In the meantime, I fixed order # 36654186 and ensured that your payment method was set as default for the subscription, which, theoretically should prevent it from happening in the future.

In any case, your current order should be all set to go as soon as the warehouse gets to it!

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