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So.. How would it work if the PCs were less then good in this Adventure Path. Like the sound of the AP, but don't want to spring for it if it is not a good fit.

Thanks ahead of time for your thoughts!

The story is about

stopping the ghost of an evil sorceress from blowing up Absalom with a ghost laser, and to help the people of the town (generally).
As with most APs, it assumes the heroes are... heroes.

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There are many ways to introduce Not-Good PCs in the AP. As long as they have (or end up with having) a very good reason to want to destroy the BBEG.

Tellingly, there is nothing against Evil PCs in the Player's Guide.

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For example, given their respective goals, I could see the BBEG of Agents of Edgewatch sending a team to investigate hints they got from their patron and the team ends up tasked with destroying AV's BBEG.

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One of my players is neutral. She is there to raid the Vaults, take the place over, and repurpose it to her needs. Belcorra is in her way, so she must serve or die.

I think you can play any alignment and come up with a reason to be there. It's a sandbox. Even evil characters would be motivated to take it over and gain power.

The only real problem would be if your evil PCs wanted to destroy Absalom too. Then what reason would have to stop her? They would probably help her.

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Thanks for the input. I tend to agree with most of what was said above. One of my players want to be a hero, three others are ok with being heroes or outlaws depending on circumstance and the final guy likes to play evil and metagame. Currently pushing me to play a Kitsune of Beastkin heritage...

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My Abomination Vaults PC was originally a CG Investigator (Empiricism methodology, Ruin-delver background) all starry-eyed about the PFS.

TBH, I could not really find how to really get into her mindset and make her more than a trope.

Then disaster struck. We had a near TPK. My PC was rescued after several days by other PCs, while her comrades in captivity died. One who was a worshipper of Groetus even commited suicide rather than be converted to the cult.

I depicted her getting out of there completely changed by the trauma. Not willing to put the survival of others before hers anymore, so CN. Obsessed by Fleshcrafting and by the cult leader that she decided to save from Belcorra's influence. With the GM's agreement, I changed her background to Eldritch Anatomist and her methodology to Forensic Medicine. Also she converted to the worship of Groetus.

When she went back into the field, the cult leader had been killed by other PCs. She collected her remains, and stole her late fellow Groetan PC's skull from his grave. She vowed to destroy Belcorra for misleading the cult leader my PC fell in love with.

She converted a certain workshop into her academy for the study of strange creatures for the benefits of her fellow PCs and moved there. She secretly practices Fleshcrafting. She helped clean this level of the Gauntlight that now serves as a kobold tribe's warren and she acts as their physician, while they act as de facto guards to her quarters.
She helped rebuild the temple to Sarenrae and gave time and money for the construction of 2 PC's chapel of Angradd, complete with dedications to her late comrades.

She has plans to improve her fellow PCs through Fleshcrafting. And she aims for personal immortality through possession (in due time) of the body of an Ulat-Kini baby that she convinced the PCs of Angradd to spare and to educate in Angradd's holy ways while she will monitor his health and growth. I peg her as CE these days.

So now she works with her fellow PCs to destroy Belcorra without raising the Angradd-worshippers suspicions. She is a much valued and appreciated member of the party, renowned for her willingness to help and heal them and give time and money for worthy causes, as well as for being a voice of reason and moderation even if she has some strange and sometimes a bit unwholesome interests.

Tldr : an Evil PC with a vested interest in seeing Belcorra destroyed and long-term (beyond the AP's end) evil plans, even of the PVP category, can easily fit as long as they are a trustworthy supportive member of the party, especially one who takes risks to help others. Proficiency in Deception might help too.

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Party finally formed. All neutral of one flavor or another, and a neutral good Champion. Not sure how durable they will be though. Champion, rogue, sprite druid, sorcerer, and a summoner. That seems a little light in the healing and tanking. We will see.

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