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1. The Lightning Flash - an Electrical Attunement solarian who uses Energy Mode speed boost, Plasma (Electricity) Sheath and Solar Rush to zoom around giving lightning strikes that knock back and fry his opponents. Robots beware.

2. Solarian Hacker - use Photon Circuits relevation to hack with Mysticism skill, which benefits from Sidereal Influence

3. Dex/cha thrown weapon armor Solarian - use Weapon Orbit to throw your melee weapon - ranged dex attack, charisma to damage, 30' range, when not using DC solarian powers. If you're in energy mode you're also fast, and can use Shot on the Run when throwing your melee weapon. Probably doesn't work with wepaon solarian, but if it does it's fantastic for lunar weapon. Cha to damage in place of strength, plus soulfire?

4. Indestructible Solarian - electrical attunement resistance mode (for DR), Dark Matter revelation (for stacking DR/-), if you start to take some damage use Energy Sink zenith boosted by Grounding Sink to fatigue enemies around you and get some temp HP. Repeat.

5. Juggernaught Biohacker - Anesthesiology field of study, take Auto-Injector alternate class feature to set up a contingency booster on yourself, use spark of ingenuity to to combine your anesthesiology booster (DR/- that stacks with one other source, like the armor upgrade) with your breakthrough (double level temporary HP, plus ferocity effect at 0 HP), trigger on start of combat. Or if you're generous put this on a melee ally with more HP.

6. Healer Biohacker - take Cybermedicine field of study, booster adds your key attribute to any healing received, boost those serums, your field medicine theorem, or Medical Expert treat deadly wounds. With an auto-injector set to the right contingency you can also use this with Treat Deadly wounds (which takes longer than your booster duration) to have it kick in at right moment if your GM allows. Add First Aid Expert theorem and you get double your attribute (rather than intelligence) to treat deadly wounds when you exceed the DC by 5.

7. Hacker Biohacker - Microlab Jack theorem gets you a free, upgradeable datajack that doesn't take up your brain slot, take Skill focus computers, with a booster to help you're only 1-2 points behind an optimized operative, technomancer, or mechanic.

8. Biohack Sniper - Longarm injection weapon, the triple range theorem from COM, and now the Bleeding Biohacks theorem which adds 1d10 plus attribute bleed damage to an inhibitor. Fire and forget on things that don't have healing. Oh, and use the Poison Extraction theorem when you're hit by a poison to extract the poison (alas, you must fail the first save, but the second gets a bonus) and save the poison used on you for your own use within 1 hour! Go forth and dare poisonous things to bite you, maybe keep one as a pet.

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9. Mystic weapon master - take Mystic Smith alternate class feature, make weapon fusions useful by being able to swap them quickly and use resolve to activate then instantly (or after an hour without RP use) and customize the party's weapons as needed. You can also get the same +1-3 attack bonus that augmentation cache technomancers and injection weapon biohackers get. Best of all, at 11th level you can shut down the fusion on a weapon and transfer it to 10(!!) other weapons. Go nuts with entangle attacks, malediction fusions to bestow a bunch of curses, or the the bombardment fusion to load up a bunch of spare weapons with the party's ten best grenades that you can now use without expending them.

10. Mystic Hacker/Ghost Rider - as a 12th level Glitghost connection power, you can spend 1 RP on a computer to allow you to hack/control it with Mysticism checks. (Until then you have Spirit Bound Computer as a bonus spell.) You can also use this on a vehicle to pilot with Mysticism, including on your Phantom Cycle connecton spell.

11. Ultimate Wall Hacker - 15th level Glitchghost Mystic can take a standard action to move your speed while incorporeal level/times per day, that's 15+ times youc an breeze through walls. Get some x-ray vision to see where you want to go ahead of time.

12. Ultimate Technomancer (Computer) Hacker - Take the Gremlin Companion magic hack, he can provide a +2 morale(!) bonus on hacking attempts that stacks with the enhancement bonus to computers from cache augmentation and of course your insight bonus and circumstance bonus from a datajack. Plus those other hack from an AP that lets you burn a spell slot to lower the hack DC by the level of the spell and reroll abilities. Root access? No problem.

13. Batman Witchwarper - Infinite Tech gives you a long lasting weapon or armor with bad damage or AC, but also lets you spend RP to add any fusion or armor upgrade it qualifes for. Did I mention that the item level scales by your caster level (hello, aeon stone?). So for the cost of a 1st level spell slot and 1 RP you can add any weapon fusion or armor upgrade of your level +1. Bombarding, for free use of a great grenade? Thank you. Malediction, giving 1-3 casts of Bestow Curse? Hell yeah. The dimension door armor upgrade, for cheap escapes or wall bypasses? Yep. The greater grandmother's cloak, for 5 rounds of Greater Invisibility (who needs AC?)? You betcha. The 19th level ethereal jaunt armor upgrade, with 10 rounds of use and making knowing/casting the Ethereal Jaunt spell hopelessly gauche? Paizo, stop!

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14. Air/Water Supremacy Witchwarper - Eldtritch Secret paradigm shift to learn the Phantom Cycle spell, then the new Alternate Transport paradigm shift to conver its speed into a swim or fly speed, including your speed boosts from caster level on the spell. A 20th level Witchwarper with the CL boost aeon stone can make his Phantom Cycle fly or swim at a speed of 95', 1250' full speed, and 130 mph.

15. Scary Operative - In the Bandit specialization we finally have an intimidate associated skill, which means we can put on a vampire voice for an enhancement bonus to an operative skill. Yessssss. At 11th level you can standard action mass demoralize a group (the penalty isn't going to matter) and use a Command spell (at class DC, not spell DC) effect on everyone you demoralized (so, everyone) who fails. Your specialization exploit is also nice, effectively staggering anyone who wants to use their weapon if they fail the save against your debilitating trick, and on a bad failure they drop their weapon. It's all I ever wanted.

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16. John Rambo/John Matrix (Commando) - Bullet Rain soldier ignores cover/concealment when hosing down areas with heavy weapons, can fire them with one hand, focus automatic/blast fire against a single target for extra damage, instant reload as no action and get a morale bonus to hit and some temp HP along the way, and you can still damage people you missed while hosing down an area. X-Gen Gun sold separately.

17. Twin Grenades - Double Grenade Toss gear boost lets you throw two grenades as a standard action, no full attack penalty. Max sum of levels is your soldier level plus key attribute, but you can still pull off some cool stuff as a multiarmed soldier, including shenanigans like double summoning grenades.

18. Simpsons Comic Book Guy Vidgaming Adventurer - Put your fat ass in a elite hoverchair with two slots for an integrated weapon and grab a Combat Controller tech item.


This highly adaptive two-handed device mimics the form and function of the latest state-of-the-art gaming console controllers.

While you’re operating the combat controller, you can use any longarms and heavy weapons that have the integrated special property (Armory 29) and are installed into your armor as though those weapons had the professional (vidgamer) weapon special property (Armory 30).

Play a spellcasting class that doesn't have anything but small arms proficiency and install something cool to shoot with your 3L1T3 vidgaming skills. May I suggest the new rocket pauldron? And of course get that profession vidgaming feat from Alien Archive 4 to complete your theme.

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*furiously takes notes*

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19. Secretly a Squid - Any of the other concepts but with the modification that the character is secretly a Stellifera in an Infiltration Skin

Second Seekers (Jadnura)

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Master Han Del of the Web wrote:
19. Secretly a Squid - Any of the other concepts but with the modification that the character is secretly a Stellifera in an Infiltration Skin

We can go deeper!

20. Double special Limit Break Secretly a Squid - Any of the other concepts but with the modification that the character is secretly a Stellifera, inside a Raxilite Infiltration Skin, inside a Halfling Infiltration Skin, inside a Reptoid Infiltation skin, inside a Haan Infiltration Skin!

(...ok technically the Infiltration skin is just "pretend to be Medium" but surely there's variants for "pretend to be one size category bigger" that you can Matryoshka all the way down!)

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21. Nanite Teleporter - Nanocyte with Omnipresent Form knack (level 14+), as a move action you deploy or readjust your cloud in a straight line, as another move action you take a guarded step with a nanite surger to teleport to the square at the far end of the line.

At level 20 with CON +9 you can make a cloud 37 squares long, allowing you to teleport 38 squares away, or 190'. The next round you repeat, or use a move action to teleport right back (or anywhere else along the line) and still have a standard action.

22. Nanite Doctor - Regeneration faculty, granting you or an ally both fast healing of Stamina (boostable on yourself when you have a reacion available) and regenerating/stacking temporary HP, use your cloud to do remote and faster first aid and treat deadly wounds, donate Stamina to an ally, bring recently dead allies back fron the dead in or immediately after combat, and the ability to heal your HP while using other abilities. (At level 20 you can gain 5 Stamina, boost it to 20, get 9 stacking temp HP, and heal 2d10 HP in one turn.) As knacks you want Surgical Host (perform Medicine checks without a medkit and create a Medlab as a minor form for extra treat deadly wounds checks) and Thousand Stitches (treat deadly wounds as a standard action without spending surges, double the hp you restore, and also add your CON modifier if you exceed the DC).

23. Nanite Scout/Hunter - Use your nanites to see the invisible, see through walls, and track targets you shot once and tagged effortlessly. For knacks you want Sensory Nanites (5' blindsense vibration including through your cloud), All Seeing Nanites (5' blindsight, plus you can tag a target that hits you in melee or that you hit/shoot with tracking nanites that give you 120' blindsight on them and you can track them with a DC 10 using Perception for days), and Omniscient Nanites (20' blindsight, including from the edges of your cloud, and you have full sense through (not the 1/20 version of X-Ray glasses) for your blindsight, and anyone you tagged with a hit or being hit can be sensed with blindsight at a range of CON modifier miles). Add a Intensification Antennae biotech augmentation to double the range of your blindsight (and sense through) once it hits 20'.

24. Nanite Spy/Imposter - Change your form for disguise, steal the forms of those you fight, defeat biometrics. Knacks are Versatile Nanites (add Disguise and probably Bluff as insight skills when your sheathe is manifested), Facial Reconfiguration (can adopt a disguise as a full round action and reduce modifiers for major changes), and Biometric Theft (hit/touch a creature to steal their dna so that you can appear exactly like them and use Disguise to fool biometrics, as well as further reducing penalties for major changes to your appearance).

24. Construct Mind Bender - 12th level Glitchghost Mystic can use Awaken Technology to put a spirit in a construct that removes its immunity to mind affecting (will negates). Finally, you can charm that cyberzombie golem you've wanted to be friends with.

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25. Glitch-/Junk-mancer - Space goblin technomancer with Junk Technomancy, Gremlin Companion at 2nd, Amplified Glitch at 3rd, Glitch Step at 5th, and Junk Arsenal at 8th (so your companion gets a suit of junk armor and a junksword, too!).

Second Seekers (Jadnura)

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Xenocrat wrote:
22. Nanite Doctor

Dang, this one is so good, and so flavourful. If I ever get a khizar in Org Play, this is what I'm doing with it. Say the nanites are "tiny plant bud" dealies, for that "I am Groot!" flavour, and we're off to the races!

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26. Demolitions - Tired of grenades not even scratching doors you want to blow up because of low damage and high hardness? Never fear, demolitions charges and rules are here. Roll an engineering check against the strength break DC, modified by how many charges you use, how much time to prep (bring a laser torch and drill holes), and capped by the quality of your demo charge(s). Only the best will breach adamantine walls, even if you have a +35 to engineering checks and +25 in miscellaneous bonuses.

27. Grenade/demolitions Mechanic - But demolitions charges are expensive, how am I going to afford that vs. a penetrating weapon and lots of ammo? Well, your bombardier soldier has a place, but now we also have the Experimental Explosives mechanic. Lose your AI, gain free grenades/explosives (1+Int per day) and a DC set by your intelligence bonus. You don't have to choose what specific grenade or explosive charge you have until you use it, and every stamina rest you can make a replacement grenade for any of your dailies you've used.

As you level your grenades get half weapon specialization, count as magic, can be drawn as part of your attack action, become better at demolitions to blow up walls and doors, increase your thrown grenade range increment, and eventually can be replaced as a move action with the expenditure of RP if you need to go mad bomber in combat.

So you've got good DCs, flexibility on what you use to adapt to the situation, and decent damage with your half specialization (Frag Grenade Mk 8 would average 80 damage at level 20 vs I think 64 for the best and expensive explode heavy weapons).

28. Durable Envoy - Signature item (armor) lets you absorb damage taken as a reaction, making you the poor man's Nanocyte or Vanguard. Costs RP if done more than once per hour.

29. Skilled Envoy - Tie your Signature item (clothing) to two expertise skills, and when you get an expertise talent for one you get a free one for the other. But you can only use one set at time - reverse your jacket or flip your hat if you want to use the others. Combat (intimidate) vs noncombat (disguise, diplomacy, culture) are obvious ways to handle this.

30. Mechanically Inclined Enovy - Get a Signature tool custom rig, and use expertise talents to get mechanic tricks. The energy shield line, overload weapon, and overcharge line all work.

31. Biologically Inclined Envoy - Get a Signature tool custom microlab and pick up theorems. You don't qualify for many, as they're largely tied to biohacker features you don't have, but the condition removal line works.

32. "Exocortex" Envoy - Signature weapon lets you use a move action to get full BAB against one target you focus on.

33. Tech Whisperer Envoy - This one is weird. Your improvisations work on mindless constructs, and as you level you can "talk" with inanimate objects and get vague response. ("The files are IN the computer!" or "I need a passcard to open this, but I'll just disable it instead.") At yet higher level you can intimidate or diplomacy a door or computer into being helpful or friendly, giving you a bonus to your hack or disable attempt. The GM might even have a helpful device do a favor without a technical skill check.

34. Passworld Guessing Hacker Envoy - Security Audit is a culture based expertise talen that helps you hack. Take on minute to roll Culture against the hack DC, and if you succeed you guessed a useful password and reduce your actual computers hack DC by 5. If you fail, nothing lost. This allows some interesting shenanigans, as you can come up with some double roll options on the culture check, then again on the computers check to accomplish some difficult hacks that other classes might not.

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35. Russian Nesting Doll - Entu symbiote (small) wearing light armor, wearing the new Infiltration Skin power armor (making you appear as a medium humanoid) wearing additional armor on top of that.

For maximum confusion you're an Astrazoan, in a small form, pretending to be a medium humanoid via your armor, and wearing three layers of armor.

36. Boomknuckle Bull Rusher - As if Bull Rush builds didn't have enough going for them, the new Boomknuckle melee weapon, worn on one hand as a gauntlet, allows you to burn a couple of charges from the battery as part of a bull rush to receive a +2 UNTYPED bonus on the attack. Solar Rush solarians rejoice. Don't miss the Thruster Heels cyber feet augmentation for a +2 enhancement bonus if you didn't already have one.

37. 100' Melee Man - Nanocyte with the knacks Sensory Nanites/All-Seeing Nanites/Omniscient Nanites (20' blindsight within and around your cloud array) and Menacing Pall (melee attack anywhere from within your cloud). Form your cloud over enemies and around a corner, take complete cover around athat corner, and whack things with a melee weapon formed from your gear array without any risk. You can even flank with an ally who is there in person.

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38. Mad Max Mechanic - You get an experimental vehicle, which means it has an extra modification slot, costs 50% the usual cost when you upgrade it, and you can replace it for free if it's destroyed with 24 hours work. Oh, and it can shrink 1-3 sizes as you level and follow you around inside buildings. It doesn't function as a vehicle (not that small races with medium vehicles care much), but if you find a wide corridor or big internal room like a wharehouse you can expand it and hop aboard.

These are some of the things you can do with this by applying various grafts and modifications:

* Have total cover, an HP pool and hardness (you can get Hardness 36 on a tank with max adamantine plating at level 20...) while you drive around with a move action and fire a weapon mounted as a standard action.

* Use modifications to do extra ram damage (Ramming Prow), half your own collision damage from ramming (Collision Dampeners), and heal your damage after being broken from ramming too much (Nanite Node - the level 5 version provides 60 HP repair per day, the level 10 120 HP, and the level 15 240 HP). A tricked out medium sized level 20 vehicle doing a ram down a hallway inside a building does 27d10 x 2 damage on a ram, or about 297, DC 28 reflex negates, and you take 27d10/4, or about 37 points, easily healed by your Nanite Node once you break. Add an Electrified Hull for a measly 1d10 but also a fort save or be staggered for 1 round against the same collision DC.

* Ghost through "obstacles" (building walls?), vehicles, and people with a level 16 Blip-Drive that makes your vehicle and crew incorporeal for one round, five uses per day.

* Boarding Party - The Boarding Clamp makes it easier to engagte a vehicle and for your passengers to jump across. Using an adamantine melee weapon attached as Wheel Scythe to get a crit and give them the broken condition wouldn't hurt, either.


As an example, at level 5 (the first time you qualify for three mods instead of two) you can have a Large cruiser that provides improved cover to the whole party of 4 and can mount three weapon mounts to allow any three (maybe one is driving, ramming, or healing/buffing) to fire their mounted weapons. I shall fear no evil as I explore the wilderness nor the mean streets of this urban hellscape, for I have improved cover, 5 Hardness, and 55 HP in between me and the critters who I can shoot with only a -2 penalty if I move my vehicle in that round and escape with a Race action at 625' in one round if things look dicey.

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39. HEAVY METAL MOTORCYCLE OPERATIVE!!!!!! - Go 500+ feet in a round, attack with a sonic blast from a guitar, and make them bleed out from their ears. Or run them down until they're dead or your cycle breaks. If the latter, stylish jump off, kill them on foot, then remount while it self repairs.

Take Driver speciality to reduce at 11th level the penalty to attack from a vehicle, and you can also spend 1 resolve to do a number of vehicle tricks that we don't care about. What we do care about is spending 1 RP to make an attack with a one handed weapon while taking the race action.

Armor is heavy armor (take proficiency, duh) with a Tactical Scaffold to hold a Chordpocalypse guitar longarm and wield it with one hand. (Your armor should also have Grim Trophies and spikes for obvious reasons.) Max ranks in Profession (Musician), and take Professional Trick to be able to trick attack with it and apply debilitating tricks - you'll use Bleeding Shot. Now you can as a full action go your full speed and fire a sonic blast from your one handed guitar that makes those you hit bleed uncontrollably.

You'll also get Trick Stun as your specialization exploit, letting you Ram or Run Over and make a trick attack check. Succeed, and you apply half your trick attack damage as bonus collision damage, and half to reduce the collision damage you took. (Exceed the check by 5 and apply a debilitating trick.) Trick yourself out with a custom motorcycle with some combination of the mods that increase collision damage, protect you from collision damage, lay down a smoke screen, and the nanorepair system that heals HP damage when your vehicle is broken.

And when it is broken, you use the Dramatic Dive trick to leap free from the vehicle as a reaction and continue the fight on foot while your nanorepair system goes to work, then you hop back on and cruise on out when the fight is done.

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There is the Scrapchain set of armour. Its light with a built in Tactical Scaffold. So can keep the light armour and still have the Tactical Scaffold for one handed Chordpocalypse death

Great thread of ideas.

Xenocrat wrote:

13. Batman Witchwarper - Infinite Tech gives you a long lasting weapon or armor with bad damage or AC, but also lets you spend RP to add any fusion or armor upgrade it qualifes for. Did I mention that the item level scales by your caster level (hello, aeon stone?). So for the cost of a 1st level spell slot and 1 RP you can add any weapon fusion or armor upgrade of your level +1. Bombarding, for free use of a great grenade? Thank you. Malediction, giving 1-3 casts of Bestow Curse? Hell yeah. The dimension door armor upgrade, for cheap escapes or wall bypasses? Yep. The greater grandmother's cloak, for 5 rounds of Greater Invisibility (who needs AC?)? You betcha. The 19th level ethereal jaunt armor upgrade, with 10 rounds of use and making knowing/casting the Ethereal Jaunt spell hopelessly gauche? Paizo, stop!

This is a bit of a necro but don't you have to physically have the fusion (or armour upgrade) on you in order to do this? I don't think the 1rp allows you to conjure the fusion as well does it? It just specifies install one. Not create one right?

"As part of conjuring an armor or weapon, you can install one or more armor upgrades or weapon fusions into the conjured gear, up to the maximum allowed by the armor’s upgrade slots or weapon’s item level. For each upgrade or fusion applied in this way, you must spend 1 Resolve Point"

Major necro, but great thread!

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