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Thaumaturge Class

I thought it would be fun to have a dedicated thread for the different character concepts people have for the thaumaturge. The idea of Dresden and Constantine are obvious but what are your outside-the-box ideas? Feel free to include an archetype pairing if necessary as well.

A kitsune duskwalker with the lantern and wand implements that strikes with foxfire. Sort of a spirit guide. Their esoterica is chock full of deadly symbolism. Artifacts from the boneyard itself. A reminder to their targets of esoteric antithesis that everything must die and be judged eventually.

I like the idea of a noble dilettante / adventurer (in the Victorian meaning of this) type character perhaps with Dandy archetype but it isn’t necessary

All the class based training in knowledge skills but likely need to not boost intelligence represents being given a great education but not having the intellect for it.

I came up with this looking at agile weapons to try and make the most of extra attacks once antithesis is up and came across to sword cane

This also works with that suggested archetype paring from a earlier thread using the pathfinder agent and scrollmaster stuff to really leverage recall knowledge synergies - a bored third or fourth noble son joins the pathfinders

Implement most likely to start with an amulet as some kind of family heirloom but same could apply to the sword cane. But any would work

Disguise rune on the armour especially if medium

Ancestry could really be any with that kind of story. Works well with a versatile heritage to maybe explain being an outsider in the family

I was thinking something like a cloaked, armoured mystic/monk.

A very bulky man clad in heavy armour and fully clocked in drab colours. A rosary styled amulet twirled around one of his hands, that also usually holds a lantern to illuminate his path. His other hand empty, always ready to dig inside his cloak and retrieve hidden, mystical, memorabilia, and then punch his enemies while clenching them in his fists.

Probably some edgy revenge story that made him go down this path as well.

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