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Recently during a scenario I played a Boon was unlocked for a weapon that has a Common Ancestry as one of the notes on it.

Does the Boon supersede the Ancestry requirement?

If not, to use said Boon, does it require the utilization of Adopted Ancestry and 'Ancestry' Weapon Familiarity?

It directly impacts the development of the character that played the scenario providing the Boon that isn't the Common Ancestry.

Thank you very much for your time in advance!

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Ancestry traits on weapons are not requirements, but they can mean that certain feats grant Access and/or affect alter your proficiency with that weapon. If a boon grants you Access, then you don't need Access from some other source, like a feat. It's like if you just found one during a home game, and would never need Access at all.

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Thank you very much for the response!

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Which weapon/Boon was this?

Asking mainly because I don't recall there being any ancestry related weapons that are given access to through a chronicle sheet.
There is one boon that is related to an ancestry weapon though:

2-19 Enter the Pallid Peak

Note that the boon Does Not give you access to the related weapon - it merely gives you access to a thing that can only be used with a specific ancestry related weapon, and it states that "Society has arranged for crafters to affix a similar [thing] to your personal [specific ancestry weapon], if you have one..
(Emphasis is mine)
The chronicle sheet does not give access to the weapon in question either - it's not included in the items section.

So, yes- if the question is about this boon, you would need to gain access to that specific weapon either through unconventional weaponry, or adopted ancestry + that specific ancestry's weapon training feat.

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