PF2e Monsters Converted to PF1e HERE!


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As much as I will always wish Paizo supported both editions (I'll even accept an unequal support of them, such as PF1e just getting mechanic conversions only), there's just that empty void of PF1e fans while PF2e keeps paving roads. (Here's to never seeing a PF1e conversion of the "Inventor" class coming out next month)

But I wish they at least did the monster conversions. Seeing some awesome creatures I wish were PF1e monsters. But at least there's a guy on Tumblr who's been doing PF1e conversions for a long time and has a ton of stuff now.

He's got several PF2e monsters converted on here (along with monsters from mythology and older D&D editions), and he accepts commissions at various times. Check it out here:

The Creature Codex

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