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Hi folks. I'm a long time DM who's been on a kick recently in getting into Pathfinder 2e. I've mostly been doing 5e D&D and dabbled in other systems, and my 2e experience so far has been as a player doing the Fall of Plaguestone. I'm new, I'm wanting to get involved, so I'm going to run a game. At the very least I'm looking to run the first part of The Extinction Curse to get a feel for things.

This will be run over Discord using the chat. Ideally everyone should post at least once every couple of days but if people are in conversation then posting more is fine, and a little communication if you can't post for whatever reason would be great. A link to the Discord can be found Here.

Also please keep in mind I am in the UK so timezones may vary.

Some details:
You'll be starting at level 1
The campaign starts with the idea that you are all members of the circus in some way. Take a look at the Player's Guide for information and suggestions.
Due to the nature of the circus, it allows for a wide range of character concepts of all different ancestries and heritages. I would like to stay away from Evil characters. I'll consider, but by case by case.
All published 2e classes are allowed, including Secrets of Magic.
Finally, you must choose a deity. Whether it's full on worship or just the odd thanks given to the god your parents brought you up on.

Background Questions:

When creating a character, please consider the following questions. I won't make you fill out them all, but a handful would be great.

What's your most favorite thing you own?
What would somebody see at first glance?
Where was your character born? Where were you raised? By who?
What is your character’s moral code?
Does your character have goals?
Is there anything that your character hates?
Is there anything that your character fears?

Once I've had a few character submissions, I'll be selecting Four to explore the Extinction Curse AP with me. If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to chat a bit more then feel free to join the Discord or post here.


At this time I find myself enamored with the Summoner class ... so what I'm thinking is a charlatan fortune teller, medium, who found himself in the possession of a Harrow Deck that had been taken from a Varisian caravan leader after her people were accused of some crime and slaughtered by Hellknights outside of Cheliax.

So he slowly comes to realize that this deck is haunted by the shade of the Varisian clan leader, and forms a Pact with the shade. Agreeing to help the shade with an act of vengeance against her killers, she aids him by protecting him, and sharing with him secrets from beyond the grave.

I'll come up with something a little more fleshed out over the next few days.

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I was also thinking a summoner class - a gnome animal trainer with an eidolon resembling an elephant, with some thieving and spying skills on the side. I could also go druid with a similar background and flavor.

I had to go buy the book yesterday for the summoner class details, and am still reading through it.

Hello, I'm really interested in playing Extinction Curse, so I'm submiting a character: a magus with the twisting tree hybrid study to combine with the staff acrobat and do shenanigans with a staff.

”Imra the flying dancer”:

Class: Twisting Tree Magus with Staff Acrobat archetype after level 2.
Alignment: CN. With some tendency towards good.
Background: Aerialist

Born in Shadow Absalom Imra’s childhood was a strange one, on one hand the backdrop of a strange and dark city, the dwelling of evil and aberrant creatures ruled by a dragon tyrant, on the other hand a loving if cold family. Still Imra thought of herself as happy, playing with a few friends, learning magic from her father, until she was sold to the Onyx Alliance in order to pay off her father’s debt to the organization. It just happened the alliance wanted to infiltrate the Arcanarium, and needed someone to start as a student there. So as a teenager Imra entered that institution and lived there for an entire year, until her plans to escape the Alliance’s surveillance backfired and caused the death of another student. Fleeing from everything the young woman joined a circus that was leaving town.

It turned into another bad decision as Imra learned that the Celestial Managerie was like her homeland ruled by another tyrant, still for years Imra’ worked there doing her best as she discovered a great joy in putting acrobatics performances, however when a big fall nearly ended with the fetchling’s death she decided that enough was enough and left to join the circus of Wayward Wonders.

What's your most favorite thing you own?
Her ash colored staff, which was made of a branch from a tree in the shadow plane by her father.

What would somebody see at first glance?
A young woman with white hair tied in a side ponytail which falls to her waist, while the uneven hair bangs fall down hiding her forehead and silver eyes. Imra’s traveling outfit consists of a black tunic covered by a long chain shirt tied at the waist with a belt and tight fitting pants together with boots. Meanwhile her outfits for the circus are white black or navy slit dresses.

Where was your character born? Where were you raised? By who?
Shadow Absalom or Beacon as some fetchlings call it, Imra was both born and raised there by her parents, until she finally escaped to join the Arcanarium on the material plane’ Absalom.

What is your character’s moral code?
Feel free to do what you need to live, so long as it doesn’t hurt others. Imra doesn’t really respect laws and authority, but is strongly against hurting others.

Does your character have goals? Protecting her new home: the Circus of Wayward Wonders.

Is there anything that your character hates?
People who talk of morality without being helpful to others, guards and soldiers, general authority and peaches.

Is there anything that your character fears?
Returning to the shadow plane, velstracs, being alone in the dark.

Would a strix character be allowed, even though it's a Rare ancestry? I have this idea for a character who was captured in Cheliax after injuring her wing, bought by Mistress Dusklight and displayed as an oddity in the Celestial Menagerie. The ringmaster of the Circus of Wayward Wonders helped her escape when they broke off. She works behind the scenes at the CWW as a rigger and general helper, and is generally mistrustful of others but fiercely loyal to the ringmaster and others who have shown her kindness. Class would be Thief Rogue, especially if you rule that it's okay for me to use the Dex to damage for unarmed talon attacks as well as weapons (which is technically not RAW but shouldn't mechanically affect anything).

If that sounds okay, then I'll get to work on the background questions!

I Dmed this, any objects to me making a character for it?

@PJP Sounds like a good plan, I won't be taking two people with the same class so that's worth noting.

@Bronzesmith Solid character, I dig it.

@Arcee667 No issues with a Strix character - Will consider the Talons with Dex ruling.

@DoubleGold - No issues with me. Always nice to have someone who can kind of nudge if people get way off track, and I know the life of a perma DM too well.

I am tentatively dotted for this; I have had an idea of a half-orc barbarian that is a clown and it is just too good to not do. I am going to see how some of my other recruitments go before I really jump onto it.

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Sounds pretty good and i would give playing on discord a try.

Some questions @BaramuraDiamico:
-Are you planning on using some of the many bots available there?
-How do you want to do maps?

I'm GMT +1/2 so UK is a good fit!

Please note, though I have played this, I never really engaged in circus building. Well, I did, but I changed how the circus building was done. It was you invest X and you get back Y1d4 that changes into Y(1d8+1) after investing Z instead of X or something like that. Cause the way they presented seemed time consuming to plan and understand and confusing.

Jazz Krazz
Ancestry: Shoony (So a dog like human, as Shoony is the PFS boon that you unlock by playing this game I thought it would be appropriate)
Class: Sorcerer
Background: Charlatan (but it ain't as bad as you think, when you read the background. I didn't choose a player's guide background if that is okay.)
Deity: Falayna (LG)

Jazz Krazz is a sorcerer. He was raised in Katapesh by his parents and others that put on talent shows for money. When he grew up he was inspired to be magician and an acrobat putting on shows for people in the city of Katapesh and other nearby cities within a day's travel. He could also heal the sick, raise the dead, walk on water and much more. Or did he? He never really had the time to learn the proper way cause he was always busy with school or other things. He was inspired to learn, but he never did learn. His parents had moved away when he was eighteen, as they were called upon in some war. So he paid very high level casters to cast spells on him, so he could actually do those things. Or they did it in secret to make it look like he did it. Or someone would carry him around while invisible, so it looked like he could speed run across a tight rope walk, when really it was spider climb, plus greater invisibility plus haste or some other spell while carrying him, well, you get the picture. People paid him to do his own private shows and he paid very high level casters in return. Of course, Jazz had very little money left over for himself cause most of his profits went towards paying his casters.
This wasn't the problem. The problem is, people came to Jazz when he wasn't putting on his shows. What was Jazz to tell them? It was all a magic trick, that he had secret help? They paid him to help them out, but Jazz wasn't able to. So he had to make it look like he could and then run or slip away when nobody was looking. Jazz ain't no thief though, and if there is one thing he fears more than snakes, spiders, woolly mammoths, gnolls, and wolves it is the fear of going to hell. He had always been highly religious. How was Jazz suppose to give everyone their money back that he ran away with? Then he realized he was moving super fast, I mean super fast. He had magic in him all along, he just didn't know it. He had cast fleet step on himself? So eventually he returned the money he stole, secretly of course. Now that he knew he could cast magical spells, what else could he do? He wondered if he actually could be the acrobat he always wanted to be without the secret help of others. Heck, eventually he could cast fleet step, spider climb, haste and a couple of other spells to sprint across that tight rope himself as well as learn how to be nimble. So he decided to join Abberton. He heard there was a circus there, he could live the life he always wanted and start over without help. And when people would ask him for help outside the show, he could actually do those things, and not be fake. Jazz Kraz could finally do the things he wanted with a passion.

Question, will you be using any GMG variant rules, such as Free Archetype?


I have an idea for a gnoll barbarian with the rigger background. Would a gnoll be okay?

Alright, back from a weekend away with the wife and feeling refreshed, however, my initial character submission has changed significantly. Allow me to introduce ... Gilgalad, Animal Handler & Wanted Criminal

Class: Champion, Paladin; Ragathiel's Blessed One
Alignment: Lawful Good; Chaotic Tendencies
Background: Animal Wrangler (Athletics)
Backstory: Gilgalad was born in Korvosa, his mother worked at the tanner's to provide for her son and daughter. However, their mother was addicted to Shiver and had several companions who spared little care or consideration for their lover's children. The last, was a particularly abusive man, who in a drunken stupor would abuse the children, and, even, his lover, Gil's mother. Gil grew to hate the man, and his own mother's excuses for his violent outbursts, so he turned towards prayer to extricate himself and his sister from their home. His savior came in a dream, a five winged angel, burning with the fires of wrath, wielding a long blade in a single hand. Driven by divine righteousness, when the man next raised hand to Gil's sister, the young boy drove a blade into his heart, over and over again.

Now a criminal, Gil and his sister fled Korvosa, hiding among the dispossessed and the desperate, able to evade Hellknight capture. However, the road to freedom was long, and hard, though Gil guided the pair to Escadar, along the way, and to speed their journey the twins had stolen a horse, and it soon became apparent that while Gil was able to calm and control the mount, his sister was a natural born rider. They soon came to the Celestial Menagerie, where Mistress Dusklight offered them sanctuary, the twins accepted, tired of a life on the road, and fear of being pursued by the Hellknights for their crimes.

Eventually, however, Gil began to note the cruelty in Dusklight's eyes, similar to the man who had so abused them. And so he began to look for a way out, him a capable master of horse, and his sister an accomplished rider. Eventually leaving Dusklight's employ with other disgruntled members of the troupe, to form their own circus, and begin the life of a carnie.

What's your most favorite thing you own? Guided by a prophetic vision of the five winged angel of wrath, Gil discovered the grave of one of Ragathiel's paladins in their flight from Korvosa. Dispite his misgivings at grave robbing, he secured a great blade from the fallen paladin's skeletal hands, by way of thanks to the fallen servant of his lord, Gil polishes and maintains the blade nightly. Giving thanks to Ragathiel's fallen champion, and hoping that he can use her blade in the defense of innocence, and the pursuit of justice.

What would somebody see at first glance?
A handsome young man, with dark hair, and deep blue, brooding eyes. He is quiet, somewhat furtive, given the fact he is a wanted killer, a fact he conceals from his closest allies. He has the beginnings of a beard concealing his strong, square jaw, though he keeps his curled hair pulled back from his brow in a warrior's knot at the base of his neck. He has a jagged scar along his jaw, now concealed by his beard, though it rises to his left cheek, causing that eye to drop at the corner.

Where was your character born? Where were you raised? By who?
Gilgalad, along with his sister, Nineve, were born in Korvosa, where they were raised by their mother. With no father in the house, they endured a progression of callous suitors who sought their mother's fickle affections. In truth, Gilgalad was raised by a stableman, and learned from him to care for horse, and the value of hard work.

What is your character’s moral code?
Gilgalad believes in the rule of law, what is right, what is moral, and what is just. First and foremost among these is his twin sister, Nineve, who has has killed for, and would do so again. Those who inflict harm upon other should be punished for those wrongs, and those wrongs should be repaid in kind. He struggles to reconcile his faith against his feelings of anger and abandonment, though he strives to behave in a manner befitting of his duty as protector and defender of his sister and their companions.

Does your character have goals?
Gilgalad seeks to become worthy of the blade that he was forced to take from a fallen champion of his faith. So the circus is his home, the troupe his family, but his ultimate goal is to prove himself worthy of the attention and blessings that Ragathiel has bestowed upon him.

Is there anything that your character hates?
Those who would harm, or commit wrongs, against those unable to defend themselves, chief amongst these are children and animals. He also hates those who are false. Lying and deceit are wrong, even among his own troupe he recognizes cons and scams are the stock and trade of circus life, it is something he has difficulty reconciling in his own behavior.

Is there anything that your character fears?
Having had to creep into a burial mound to retrieve a blade to defend himself and his sister from bandits as a youth, Gilgalad doesn't deal well with tight, enclosed spaces. In such times he can hear admonishing thoughts from the champion's corpse whom he feels he desecrated. He also fears that he is unworthy of the blade, or Ragathiel's interest in him, as such he aspires to prove his worth by protecting those closest to him against even overwhelming odds.

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UK has a gas and energy crisis along with a complete lack of lorry drivers (aka no goods anywhere), an upcoming food shortage (production and delivery).
Add in roaring Covid cases.

Hope the OP here is fine.

Alrighty, I definitely have the bandwidth for one more game and all my active recruitments are done. I'll work on my barbarian clown now.

Ancestry: Hobgoblin - Steelskin
Background: Warrior 
Class: Fighter
Diety: Goblin Hero-Gods

What's your most favorite thing you own?
Rols has little sentimentality towards objects.
What would somebody see at first glance?
How exceptionally blue his skin is even for a Hobgoblin.
Where was your character born? Where were you raised? By who?
Molthune, He was raised by his parents and came of age in the Ironfang Legion during its conquest.
What is your character’s moral code?
Probably nothing beyond you standard LN out look.
Does your character have goals?
Not at this point, I view him as being a bit aimless at the beginning as Oprak seeks more peaceful relations with other nations hence joining the circus.
Is there anything that your character hates?
Is there anything that your character fears?

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Just saying, account with 2 posts and no other visible history.

Why go through the trouble of making an account?

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Ill be game for something fun.

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The discord doesn't work

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Mh maybe the discord link did work, they are already full and happily running a game there, but don't bother to post something more here?

We'll probably never know.

It was up and now the discord is gone. Game never happened, sadly.

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