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I promise I'm not trying to backseat mod, I'm just anxious of creating bigger and bigger messes by endlessly engaging and making the moderators sick of dealing with these threads altogether. Is telling people to stop engaging any better? Maybe a tiny bit. But honestly, it's just a mess no matter what. I don't know what's best any better than you, and I'm sorry for being such a pest about these things. :P

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David knott 242 wrote:
Guntermench wrote:
This is very much one of those things where lawyers are probably telling them not to say anything, so I wouldn't expect much. [edit: soon]

It would make sense to take a week or two to draft a serious response (with nothing on this subject in the meantime but a statement that they are doing that), but I don't think Paizo could survive a month or so of complete official silence on this issue.

Incidentally, we're coming up on three weeks, right? I appreciate that Paizo has promised something more is coming, and I know they're in talks right now. I really hope they're ready to take meaningful action.

Like, I don't consider this a few isolated incidents, to be clear. It's systemic, structural, even fundamental to the industry in the case of the salary issues. I don't want to hear that they won't sabotage a trans employee's career again. I want to hear how they're holding themselves accountable so that the structures that enabled the cruelty in the first place no longer comprise load-bearing walls.

Paizo has, in a weird way, an opportunity here. I gave up on them a while ago, but this controversy has helped remind me why I expect better from them. I am eager to be surprised by them. Let's see if they can earn people's trust back.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

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And since I've posted a few times here, I can confirm that management is taking steps to address ALL of the recent issues. I'm not part of the management team so it's not really my place to speak much more to that, but I've also been an employee of Paizo for nearly 2 decades, so I'm kind of caught in a weird sort of emotional tug-of-war there, in that it's not my place to speak but by not speaking it's starting to feel weird (or even irresponsible) to me as part of the LBGTQ+ community.

Best I can say here is to simply say that things are afoot behind the scenes, and that I hope there'll be more information made public at some point, but to remind folks that change doesn't happen overnight (even when it should, it can't), and to please be patient in the meantime.

I 100% support people who choose to suspend subscriptions or patronage until they see change, even though seeing that frightens me and makes me worry about my future and that of the dozens of coworkers who have for many years been working tirelessly to create Golarion and Pathfinder as a place that's welcoming and safe for all of us to take part in, but I understand and support it nonetheless.

In the meantime, I can only ask for patience, regardless of where you land on the issues at hand, and please try to treat each other with respect. That includes stepping away from the boards for a temporary time or longer if that's too difficult.

Because creating a welcoming space for everyone does not mean it has to include a place for those who try to make it an unwelcome space for someone.

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Thank you, Jeff Jacobs. I really appreciate your honesty and forthrightness with us. Like I said above, an unusual silver lining of this week has been it reminding me that there are reasons to expect better of Paizo. One of the biggest reasons for me is there having been so, so many kind and dedicated people working there over the years. <3

Paizo Employee Director of Community

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Moderator red pen time! I've removed a swath of posts related to names. It is not the community's place to use a different name than the one a poster has chosen.
The posts are staying open so the community has a place to discuss and for Paizo to share updates. I don't want to lock them and will only do so when the moderation becomes untenable. So help me help you have discussion places!

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Appreciate the reply, James. I do hope we can get some communication from up top soon.

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Verzen wrote:

I'm a little concerned about these accusations being leveled against the company.

I thought paizo was an ethical company and that's why I and many others supported it. Was I wrong? Are these accusations valid or invalid?

Please be civil in this post. I'd like to hear from paizo directly about this as one of their long time customers.

I'm sure others would like to hear as well.

This was the same person who got fired for berating players if I'm not mistaken. Not saying she doesn't hold any weight but I would be cautious to believe anything she has to say as she is known to disagree with anyone who does not share the same viewpoint.

Paizo Employee Marketing & Media Manager

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Paizo is having internal discussions, meetings and action reports. The company is working on the things they said they would do in the last statement. I have no timeline for additional official statements, but "There will be more messages, and more concrete actions, to come."

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Pathfinder Rulebook Subscriber

Paizo has issued statements that seem to corroborate some of the things she said and are working internally to address them. Others have issued statements that also corroborate portions of her claims.

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Most of her allegations have been confirmed or at least corroborated. Crystal Frasier has come forward about transphobia she experienced, like never being sent to conventions because someone in management didn't like the idea of rooming a trans woman with a cis woman, even if the cis woman volunteered to share a room. Diego Valdez has confirmed some stuff about the firing, and other freelancers and former/part-time employees have come forward as well.

Liz Courts also came forward to talk about problems in how employees are treated. Mark Seifter posted a thread contextualizing some stuff. Paizo released a statement in which they declined to contradict Crystal Frasier's concerns and, in fact, passively admitted to some extent that there was a problem. Some of Price's allegations have been given context to either confirm them or, well, maybe soften them a little bit. Paizo being debt to the mob sounds like a potential misunderstanding or exaggeration, though not exactly a lie, for example. Jessica Price is a complicated person for a lot of posters here (I personally like her, but I do remember one ugly argument we had once, so, like, I get it, to a very limited extent) but she's not really known to lie. She's blunt.

Basically, it's a nuanced situation, but at least some of the allegations are almost definitely true. Even those who don't like Jessica tend to trust Crystal and Liz, not to mention Paizo's silence on some of the concerns.

Paizo's working on a follow-up statement and doing internal talks trying to address the problems and hopefully get to the bottom of things.

There's a lot of recap info I missed, but that's the gist.

Customer Service Representative

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I think it is time to close this thread for good, as nothing constructive is coming from it anymore.

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