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Runelords of divination hold an iconoclastic specialty, which leads them to wicked plans, mischief, and viewing others as pawns.
Prohibited Schools abjuration, illusion; Rune Spells initial: hyperfocus (Gods and Magic 113), advanced: ephemeral hazards (Gods and Magic 113)

(Wordy Fanfiction Alert)
Discord (Colorless). This rune, and the school associated with it, wasn't much emphasized in our day; the prevailing reasoning was that divination spells were compatible with specialists of all other runes, and thus were likely to be of a mostly minor "universal" or "school-less" school. The hot gossip in our circles was that Xin didn't care for the schools its practice seemed to clash with, perhaps tinged by envy or pride in his own little way — others have since pointed out that its sin would have been especially fitting and disastrous for a self-made ruler, and it's more likely that he cast it aside out of fear or because it didn't fit as well into his notion of virtues. Whatever the truth, modern magical theory considers divination a proper school, if one with ill-understood ties to the great failure of prophecy, and some study of the rune did occur: it evokes a powerful sense of harmony and clarity regarding the placement and possible paths of people around you, as well as a feeling of knowing best where everything can go. This is an obvious boon in drawing the right conclusions or effects from divination spells, but the few heretics who practiced its use often slipped into a love of controlled chaos and manipulating others towards debased end-goals — some even fancied themselves rightful successors to Xin's rule. Inevitably, they became nuisances who were silenced when finally found.

Oh nice, definitely using this in my game. The Harmony/Discord conflict alone makes for a wonderful character arc for a diviner.

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