Looking for a battle map for Dawnflower Library

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Does anyone have a battlemap for the Dawnflower Library? My players decided to go ask Wrin what they should do instead of following the light to the graveyard. I had her tell them to stop hanging out with her and go help the townsfolk, which they took to mean to head to the library and help the guards clear out the larger hoard of zombies.

Anyone have a map made for the Dawnflower Library, or should I try to kitbash something together myself?

Why do you need a battlemap of the library?
I'm pretty sure that the zombies that fell from the cliff were destroyed upon impact, the only ones still moving that the characters have to dispose of are the ones roaming the graveyard.

There is a great community map of the graveyard done by Narchy here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1SojVbGhYe8BVjyIjMAccRb0TY-c4n60X (seeing as you are talking about the zombies). I haven't seen any community maps of the temple itself however (since there's no encounters inside the temple in the AP I guess that makes sense). The shape of the temple is a little special as well, being essentially three towers, and most battlemaps usually show a large, flat one-story building, so I haven't seen anything else somewhere that you could use as a stand-in, sorry.

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