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Ok, let's have some fun!

Share your Summoner/Eidolon Build/Concept



Summoner Name: ______
Summone Gender/Ancestry/Heritage:_______

Eidolon Name: _______
Eidolon Gender(if any)/Type/Array:________

Physical description ( of either summoner and eidolon ): ________
Behavior/Attitude ( of either summoner and eidolon ): ________

Build ( 1-12 ):


Combat / Social approach of the duo: _________
Trivia/Motto/Anything else: _______

Hope you'd like the idea!

ps:gonna post mine asap ;)

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Summoner Name: Gizamkinmo "Gizmo" Cogwrecker
Summone Gender/Ancestry/Heritage: Male Sensate Gnome

Eidolon Name: 1
Eidolon Gender(if any)/Type/Array: Warrior Construct

Physical description ( of either summoner and eidolon ): Gizmo is a small bald gnome in his fifties, always wearing a leather cap with google, wearing a dusty wears out pilot suit patched up with additional pockets, apparently full of tools and mechanical pieces and cogs. M1 appareance reminds a biped exoskeleton with some sort of cockpit in his chest. Apparently, it looks like an old model, due to the paint coming off and the partial rust that covers it in several spots.

Behavior/Attitude ( of either summoner and eidolon ): Gizmo is vigorous and clever, though sometimes may appear nuts. He yells and scream while "piloting" M1, talking to it, swearing and cursing enemies. He's not into social stuff, though he likes to talk about anything crafting/engineering related. M1 speaks speaks with a deep and conforting robot voice, with extremely good manners. He tries not to let Gizmo rampage, failing most of the times.

Build ( 1-12 ):

1-Advanced Weaponry ( Main Hand, Shove ), First World magic ( Guidance )
2-Steed Form
3-Adopted Ancestry ( Human )
4-Lifelink Surge
5-Natural Ambition ( Dual Studies )
6-Eidolon's Opportunity
7-Ranged Combatant ( Electricity> Railgun )
8-Hulking Size
9-Cautios Curiosity ( Arcane )
10-Protective Bond
11-Ancestral Paragon > Gnome obsession
12-Grasping Limbs

Combat / Social approach of the duo: Well, Gizmo "drives" M1 supporting him from his "cockpit". M1 executes, delivering suggestions which are most of the times not listened to ( and while listened, Gizmo ponders on them explaining M1 what he just told him, unable that it wasn't an idea of him. M1 is used to this, and tries to lure the gnome into some common sense luring him into thinking the ideas were his.

Trivia/Motto/Anything else: "HIT! DESTROY! BURN! ZAP! AHAHAHA! BEWARE THE MIGHTY GIZAMKINMO!" These are some of Gizmo fighting screams... "Oh my... Cog..." M1 catchphrase

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I could do this for days. Here's a 1e conversion that came too late to take off in Society play.

Spoiler'd to keep the threat clean.


Summoner Name: Viladra Felfire
Summoner Gender/Ancestry/Heritage: female umbral gnome

Eidolon Name: Chuckles
Eidolon Gender(if any)/Type/Array: male demon

Physical Description: Viladra is a slightly heavyset gnome, with long hair dyed black (normally green with white streaks) with heavy black eyeshadow. The left side of her face is charred from a magical accident, rendering her blind in that eye. Chuckles is tall, lanky, with colorful wavy horns and ashen skin, with a loose shirt and polka-dot trousers over big, floppy shoes.

Behavior/Attitude: Viladra comes off as bitter, snarky, but indulgent in some vices, riding the razor's edge of bleaching while relying on exposure to the excitement of demonology to stave off entropy. She absolutely detests gnome-focused humor and loathes the whimsical reputation her ancestry has earned. Chuckles is surprisingly sedate and chilled out, as if constantly intoxicated, but can fly into a destructive frenzy when pushed by combat or stressful situations. Kind of an evil Juggalo. honk.

Build ( 1-12 ):

1- (Anc) First World Magic: Electric Arc, (Sum) Dual Studies: Society for her, Performance for him
2- Rogue Dedication (crits suck and I need that leather armor)
3- (Gen) Ancestral Paragon: Gnome Obsession (Demon Lore)
4- (Sum) Tandem Movement
5-(Anc) Energized Font
6- (Sum) Eidolon's Wrath: sonic (HONK!)
8- (Sum) Eidolon's Opportunity
9- Vivacious Conduit
10- (Sum) Hulking Size
12- (Sum) Towering Size
13+ retrain Rogue Dedication into Sentinel Dedication for better armor proficiency

Priority Skills: Intimidation, Deception, Religion, Demon Lore. Skill feats for Intimidate and Deception.

Combat / Social approach of the duo: For the most part, Viladra keeps Chuckles in check but the clown still likes to make mischief. Viladra likes to come off as a haughty noble-scholar, dispensing knowledge and healing but not being afraid to be smug about it. In battle, the abyssal influence shows as Viladra takes joy in

Trivia/Motto/Anything else: Chuckles likes to refer to his mistress' scar with nicknames such as "over-easy" and "half-baked." He's the only one who gets to do this.

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Summoner Name: Torra Cloudmarked
Summoner Gender/Ancestry/Heritage: Male Sylph Dwarf

Eidolon Name: Tarvira
Eidolon Gender(if any)/Type/Array: Female Marauding Dragon
Eidolon Attacks: Bite (1d8 Piercing), Claw (1d6 Slashing Agile)

Physical description: Torra is one of the M'beke dwarves of the Mwangi expanse, though his elemental heritage shows itself through hair that looks like clouds. Tarvira is a cloud dragon, who was allied to Torra's family when she was alive and whose astral impression still aids members of that family who catch her interesting. When manifested, both Torra and Tarvira share shining electric blue eyes that indicate their connection.

Behavior/Attitude: Torra's sylph heritage has led many in his community to assume that he must have a great destiny, since he was marked by the Cloud Dragons. He's not sure what it could be, and adventures to find out. Tarvira is also unsure what that destiny is, but feels drawn to Torra in a way she hasn't to many of his ancestors. The ability to experience the material plane again is rather interesting.

Build ( 1-12 ):
1- Ancestry: Stormborn, Evolution: Energy Heart (Electric)
2- Class: Alacritous Action
3- General: Fleet
4- Class: Tandem Movement
5- Ancestry: Swift
6- Class: Eidolon's Opportunity
7- General: Toughness
8- Class: Hulking Size
9- Ancestry: Mountain's Stoutness
10- Class: Merciless Rend
11- General: Incredible Initiative
12- Class: Towering Size

Combat / Social approach of the duo: As a big dragon with lightning breath and sparking jaws, Tarvira tends to take the lead in combat with Torra supporting her via empowering magic and the occasional flank. In social situations, Torra tends to take the lead, with a natural magnetism that is unlike more dwarves.

Trivia/Motto/Anything else: "Watch the skies. You never know what might be up there."

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Claon Tonkinelm, War Machine Engineer (N male umber gnome tinker summoner 13)
Durin Wrang, Wild Caller (CN male half-elf animal whisperer summoner 9)
Tonto Pollo, foolish man chicken (N male human gambler summoner 1)

I have fully fleshed out character stat blocks, along with build lists at the bottom under "Character Notes."

Lumberjack,fantastic as always RD!

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I am creating a character for PFS that is a kitsune whose eidolon looks like herself. The two act like twin sisters with a mild hivemind that perform coordinated dances and acts of mischief. The eidolon's unarmed attacks are flavored as stylish dance moves that conjure flames around herself.

I pictured the character functioning as a face and a skirmisher where the two of them flank enemies, debuff using Intimidate/Bon Mot/distractions, and bombard with foxfire when dealing with enemies at range.

But I'm not sure if the build accomplishes this. I'm concerned about lack of damage.

Kitsune Double Trouble!:

Statistics (Level 3)

- Ancestry Kitsune (Dark Fields)
- Background Entertainer
- Class Summoner (Fey Eidolon)
- STR 10; DEX 16; CON 12; INT 12; WIS 10; CHA 18
- Future boosts to Str, Dex, Con, and Cha
- Perception +7; Fort +8; Ref +8; Will +7
- AC 18; HP 41
- Melee +8 (Finesse); Ranged +8
- Skills
- Deception (Expert) +11;
- Diplomacy +9;
- Intimidation +9;
- Theater Lore +6;
- Nature +5;
- Performance +9;
- Society +6;
- Stealth +8

Eidolon (Fey, Level 3)

- STR 12; DEX 18; CON 12; INT 12; WIS 8; CHA 18
- Future boosts to Str, Dex, Con, and Cha
- Perception +6; Fort +8; Ref +9; Will +6
- AC 20;
- Attacks
- Primary +9 1d6+1 fire (deadly d8, finesse)
- Secondary +9 1d6+1 bludgeoning (agile, finesse)
- Skills
- Deception (Expert) +10;
- Diplomacy +8;
- Intimidation +8;
- Theater Lore +6;
- Nature +5;
- Performance +8;
- Society +6;
- Stealth +9

Ancestry, General, Skill Feats

- 1 Foxfire, Fascinating Performance
- 2 Bon Mot
- 3 Ancestral Paragon (Star Orb)
- 4 Distracting Performance
- 5 Myriad Forms
- 6 Lengthy Diversion
- 7 Toughness
- 8 Slippery Secrets
- 9 Fox Trick
- 10 Swift Sneak

Class Feats

- 1 Energy Heart (fire)
- 2 Ranged Combatant (fire)
- 4 Tandem Movement
- 6 Tandem Strike
- 8 Skilled Partner
- 10 Transpose

Male kobold
Razdalias, female storm dragon.
A blue Dragon scaled Kobold who grew up in cloudspire, often wearing more priestly or noble clothing that he thinks fits his station and only taking on jewelry and such if he thinks it will improve his dragons out look. Struggling to make a name for himself to get some attention from any of the ruling dragons, yet failing at every job he's tried. One day in a depressive landslide he went into the mountains to decry his frustration and worthlessness, perhaps more when his cries pulled from the surrounding elements a long dead dragon.
Razdalias is a young looking cloud dragon, with a patch of lighter scales atop her head that resemble a bolt of lightning, the same patch now resides atop Khan'Di's head as well, alive with energy showing their bond. She often has scales painted almost like temporary tattoos, especially on her wings so they are far more eye catching when spread out.

Khan'Di is proud and dedicated to Razdalias, who he sees as a god. Razdalias is motherly and protective of the little Kobold who she knows is the reason she exists again, even though he would happily die for her. The fact she has to protect him often doesn't sit well with Khan'Di, and he's constantly trying to find ways to make himself stronger to be worthy of her. Razdalias is a wanderer and a bit of a prankster, she loves to experience new things and lower her usual regal guise now and again to be silly and have fun, trying to broaden Khan'Di's horizens. Khan'Di is torn between being the happiest kobold, with having his own Dragon God to worship and serve, and worrying about making sure he remains worthy of her choice of follower.

Glider form
Magical understudy
Lifeline surge
Eidolon's wrath
Magical adept
Hulking size
Link focus
Airborne form
Flexible transmogrification : Eidolon's opportunity
Magical master
True transmogrification.
(With free archetype throw in dirge of doom, bard casting and acrobat dedication)
Raz leads in combat with spells for range or getting into melee, but allows Khan'Di his fun in social situations. Though they strive to work together and support each other in both.
Motto: I am Khan'Di, Herald to the great Razdalias, you are blessed to be in her pressence. You may bow now. I said bow, Now.

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