Mythic Tangible Illusions and Mirror image How and if it works.

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Does your image count as an object? If it does how would it work?

You can temporarily transform an illusory object into a real one. As a full-round action, you can expend one use of mythic power to temporarily transform a single object created by an illusion spell that you cast into a physical, non-magical version of that object. The object lasts for 10 minutes per tier, after which it reverts to being an illusion (or vanishes, if the duration of the original illusion has expired). During that time, the illusion gains all the physical properties of the depicted illusory object. You must touch the illusion to use this ability, and the object can be no larger than 5 cubic feet per tier. For example, if you create an illusory stone door, you transform it into an actual non-magical stone door.

I'd call your mirror image an illusory creature rather than an illusory object in this context. Tangible illusions certainly creates an object, so at most you'd get a temporary statue or body - not a creature.

Yea tangible illusions specifies an illusionary object, not an illusionary creature. To me that means they don’t work together.

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I agree with arv and Mysterious Stranger.
The ability is clearly made to allow you to temporarily make an unliving object. It can have moving parts (like a cart, crossbow, mannequin, etc.) but it will not be something capable of self-motivated motion (i.e., a creature).
A borderline example would be a robot or an animated object. You can make an illusion of them, but you can't make them solid with this ability, as they are capable of autonomous actions, and so a creature.

I think the others here have the right interpretation. When I used this ability I allowed it to create actual illusory/real creatures, but that was out of desperation. For Mirror Image I let the images have the same AC as the caster and not disappear on a near miss, but otherwise function normally.

If it were to function with mirror images… then from a mechanical standpoint, it would simply alter ONE (per touch) of your active images to be perceived as real when viewed with true seeing… otherwise it still functions as a mirror image, mirroring your movements, and shatters when struck…

Think of it like a funhouse mirror clone… it’s real, but despite it being real it is still fake and easily destroyed. But to anyone simply observing it, it is absolutely really.

Thanks for the reply's and observations.

Let me as you this...

say I created a pit of Lava with major image... would it work on that?

If you filled a pit with a lava-illusion then the lava would be temporarily real. If you created a pit-illusion then it'd fail, because a pit is not an object - it is the absence of an object.

If you create a pit of lava, you are making a hole in something solid and putting something less solid though equally massive in it. Now instead of lava, how about water? You are creating an illusion of something, so it should work. Instead of water, how about air?
In all cases you are creating pit, an 'absence' and filling it with something.

Think of it more like the Looney Tunes portabløe hole, if you will. Or the Platonic ideal of a hole made manifest because there is more to the idea of a 'hole' than the absence of something.

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