Summoner Sigil countering stealth and invisibility?

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Ok it says:

"As long as your eidolon is manifested, the sigil glows with light and can’t be covered or disguised via any means; it will shine through clothing, appear over cloaks, and remain unaffected by obfuscating magic."

Does this basically mean as long as you have your Eidolon by your side there is no possibility for any stealth action even with the Invisibility Spell? I mean sneaking towards the bad guys camp weapons drawn is not possible if you dont want to spend your first round on the suprise attack on calling your main attack option?

Thats really odd! Or do I miss read that?

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Given that Psychopomp Eidolon gives it's 7th level ability to cast Invisibility, I doubt that was the intention. My reading is that as long as you and/or your Eidolon is able to be seen, the sigil is obvious.

Otherwise you could take this reading to the extreme and say the sigil would be seen through walls and miles away.

That said though, it does leave room for discussion since it calls out it can't be covered by "obfuscating magic"

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I guess the intention was to make it obvious that the Summoner and its Eidolon are connected without the possibility to hide that. And I agree I don't think its intended to bug stealth and stuff like invisibility but a word from the writers would be good!

Well, I think it may counter invisibility disallowing a tactic of having the summoner invisible and unattackable using a 2nd level invis while using boost eidolon and healing it while not really being threatened.

Not sure how that works with the combined hit points and shared actions. If the eidolon attacks, is that considered a hostile action by the summoner?

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I'd rule that as making you at best Hidden since while you're invisible and difficult to target, the sigil shows your location.

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