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When I read the Spell Rep section right you always have max 5 spells in your Spell Rep right? A real bummer btw... But what if I get another Caster Dedication like Wizz as an Archetype that also has the same Tradition as I have from my Eidolon, can I use these spells with my spellslots from the summoner?

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Unfortunately not. The repertoire from Summoner is all that you can cast from using your Summoner slots. The same goes for other spellcasting classes and archetypes.

The only crossovers that I know of may be between wizard and an arcane witch. And that would only crossover in the pool of spells you can prepare from. Though, even that is iffy.

too bad... thx

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AON wrote:
Spellcasting archetypes always grant the ability to cast cantrips in their dedication, and then they have a basic spellcasting feat, an expert spellcasting feat, and a master spellcasting feat. These feats share their name with the archetype; for instance, the wizard's master spellcasting feat is called Master Wizard Spellcasting. All spell slots you gain from spellcasting archetypes have restrictions depending on the archetype; for instance, the bard archetype grants you spell slots you can use only to cast occult spells from your bard repertoire, even if you are a sorcerer with occult spells in your sorcerer repertoire.

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