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Need some help with the ability Tree Climber (Ex):

When climbing trees and other foliage, a moss troll’s climb speed increases to 30 feet. If a moss troll falls while climbing in trees, it ignores the first 30 feet it falls for the purposes of calculating total damage from the fall. While climbing in trees, a moss troll gains a +4 racial bonus on initiative checks. Moss trolls are bent and gangly creatures. They are smaller and thinner than normal trolls, yet their arms are unusually long and spindly for the creatures’ size. Their flesh supports the growth of moss and mold as surely as tree bark.

I'm a DM and I'm wondering if one of those troll will ever leap down on a PC and what the damage will be.

Thanks in advance

Assuming the Moss Troll starts no higher than 30' up in the tree... the Moss Troll takes no damage jumping down to attack. And the attack does normal damage.

If you give it the Branch Pounce feat, you can add the falling damage to the damage dealt with the attack...

Prerequisites: Climb 3 ranks, Stealth 3 ranks.

Benefit: When charging a target by jumping down from above (such as when jumping out of a tree), you can soften your fall with a melee attack. If the attack at the end of your charge hits, the attack deals damage as normal and you also deal the amount of falling damage appropriate to your fall to the target (1d6 points for a 10-foot fall, 2d6 points for a 20-foot fall, and so on). This falling damage is not multiplied on a critical hit. You land in an unoccupied square of your choosing adjacent to the target, and you take falling damage as if your fall had been 10 feet shorter. You can attempt an Acrobatics check as normal to treat the fall as an additional 10 feet shorter for the purpose of determining the damage you take from the fall. If your attack misses, you land prone in a random square adjacent to the target and automatically take the full amount of falling damage.

This is impossible, cause of the prerequisites. It gets 1 skill point x level and has only 4HD.

What I'm trying to get through: falling/jumping on a pc despite the troll ability will cause to the pc the full damage? Jumping/falling from 30' will cause 3d6 to the pc and none to the troll?

Just, like, drop on a PC? No attack, just a Troll falling on a PC?

Either way, the ability states the Troll takes no damage from falls of 30', or less, so long as it fell from a tree. 30' fall off a roof or cliff, full damage, but a 30' fall out of a tree is no damage. Lol.

It's 550 pounds of Troll falling from whatever height, so it will probably hurt some... and possibly knock prone whomever it may hit.

And, honestly, you don't have to explain anything adding Branch Pounch to a Moss Troll... you just write a capital "B" next to it in the list of feats to signify it's a bonus feat.

Without an attack associated with jumping down, the damage is the same as a sack of potatoes falling on the character. Not actually sure where to find dead weight free fall damage tables, sorry.

Without Branch Pounce, or a similar ability, an attack associated with a fall does normal attack damage... the fall adds nothing to it.

The damage the pc takes depends on the size of the troll and how far it fell.

If the troll is large it's 4d6.
Half that if it's less than 30 feet.
Double that if it's more than 150 feet.
Half again if you as DM determine that the troll is not very dense.

The troll would be required to make a ranged touch attack to hit the player, and the player is allowed a dc 15 reflex save to avoid the troll landing on him.

The troll would take 0 damage from the jump/fall.

These are the rules under falling objects.

thank you so much guys.

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