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Has anyone had any experience running Tyranny of Dragons in DragonLance? I plan to run this at some point in the future as I bought Hoard of the Dragon Queen for a good price for my birthday recently, and my cousin gifted me all of the ToD stuff on Roll20 as a birthday gift (and also hoping I would run it for him and our other cousins). I'm basically just looking for suggestions or helpful advice as I prepare the campaign. I'm going with the Ansalon conversion I found on dragonlancenexus.com, but the campaign will replace the Summer of Chaos instead of taking place after the War of Souls as I didn't really like the 5th Age books and game materials that came after.

Looking forward to Fizban's Treasury of Dragons so I can incorporate some draconians into the campaign as they're supposed to make their 5e debut!

Fall always gets me in the Dragonlance mood. I'm very torn over whether to start this game or work toward finishing my Iron Gods campaign that hopefully will resume soon after a long hiatus.

I wanted to do Age of Worms in Dragonlance as much as I wanted to do Savage Tide in Spelljammer.

I did Age of Worms in Eberron back in 3.5, and would like to do Savage Tide there in 5e, too, with some of the same players. That may not be on the agenda for years, however. That group chose Iron Gods over that campaign years ago. Never enough time.

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I think that it could work well, though you might need to set some Campaign Rules depending on what era you want to run in. I am not a fan of the set up, but I have long planned to run Tyranny of Dragons in my homebrew world, but just use the main theme and overarching story, but do all my own encounters and whatnot.

By the way, I wrote up some stat blocks for Draconians in the War of the Lance, if you want to use it? I had run the High Clerist Tower scene from Dragons of Winter Night as a one-shot at Kawaii Kon a few years back. The two players that ended up playing had never read the books, and so a lot was lost on them, but they had fun, so that is all that matters.

I've decided to run this campaign in my homebrew setting at some point instead of Dragonlance now that I have Shadow of the Dragon Queen. I know I've necroed the thread from just over a year ago, but I wanted to let anyone seeing this now to know that I switched settings.

My homebrew is a mix of Celtic, Norse, and Greco-Roman flavor. I have a few homebrew cities and alot of homebrew lore, but I also incorporate the lore, cities, and adventure sites from adventure modules I've run in the setting.

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I did that with Tyranny of Dragons. I enjoyed it much better!

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No, but I'm playing Shadow of the Dragon Queen.

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Welp, that PF2e experiment ended. The players are just not into it. I guess I will save PF2e for a new campaign...

I get wishy washy with what I want to DM and in what setting. As of now, I'm leaving open the option of running ToD in Dragonlance. As I said in my original post, I will run it as a replacement for the Summer of Chaos/Chaos War, as I was not a fan of the 5th Age storyline. That will place it at 25 or so years after the Legends Trilogy which has always been my sweet spot for adventuring on Krynn.

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