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I am getting ready to run the vaults and was looking for sound track. I really loved the music from the trailer so looking for a similar theme. Anyone have a play list for the vaults?

Nox arcana have a ton of albums which fit for spooky background ambience music

Nox Arcana, Midnight Syndicate, Erang, or your favorite "dungeon synth" are all solid choices. I use Cryochamber for creepy/otherworldly ambiance, and Summoning is an amazing band in general. Also, Dance with the Dead is great for high-energy fight music.

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The Foundry premium module has soundtracks for the whole adventure path, including doing clever things like using the theme for a boss as part of the music for their minion's area, to help forshadow musically.

I cycle through different Themes from this person on Spotify. Fantastic collection of TTRPG music imo.

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I went with a retro computer game soundtrack to get that dungeon crawler feel and aesthetic.

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